Who does not know Saka? The man (Afeez Oyetoro) is just so, so funny and popular. Especially after porting from Etisalat to MTN. YES INTERNATIONAL!’s TOKUNBO IBIKUNLE gisted with him recently…


What makes a good actor?
A good actor must have talent. He must be able to utilize his talent very well. A good actor must show a real performance and add value to people’s lives. Also, a good actor must utilize his voice, body, his facial expression to disseminate information effectively.  I will also say that a good actor must perform very well to be able to be referred to as an excellent actor (Laughs).
What do you like about acting?
I like acting because of making people happy and to add value to people’s lives. I like acting because I make people smile. I like acting because I am actually preaching the gospel of a bright future to people. Acting enlightens and educates people and informs people, not only about their immediate environment, but even beyond that. Acting shapes people’s lives.
What don’t you like about acting?
What I don’t like about acting is act for the sake. I mean, if acting is not promoting act itself, then the acting is useless. If acting is not adding value to people’s lives, it is useless. Any acting that does not add value to an actor or to the society is a bad acting, so I don’t like it.
Did you ever think you will go as far as this in life?
I never knew, but we do pray for good fortune. All of us that we are acting together, we don’t know what is going to happen next. I really thank God that I am here. But I still need to put more effort, because I have just started.
How long have you been acting?
About 27 years and still counting.
Talking about the movie we are here for, 30 Days in Atlanta, what can you say about it?
I have not watched it and I don’t want people to tell me anything about the movie, that is why I am here. I don’t want anything to influence my enjoyment. But I expect a good production from A.Y. I expect a good movie. I want to believe that A.Y will not disappoint us tonight.

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