You must have seen some of our entertainers campaigning for politicians? Well, some of their fans are not finding that funny. Hear what some of them told YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine’s GBENGA SHABA concerning that…


Solomon Oluwashola (MEDIA CONSULTANT)

For entertainers to be campaigning for political parties is very wrong and not professional. If they want to join politics, they should join rather than participating during the campaign. It reduces their integrity and pride. An entertainer who has numerous fans across the nation will be subjected to queries and enmity by the fans if they see them campaign for someone they don’t like. Entertainers should know that majority of their fans belong to various political parties and for them to campaign for one political party will give a wrong impression about them to the fans.


Micheal Irabor (BLOGGER)


In my opinion, I would say it is just an avenue for them to make more money. Because most of them don’t really care about politics. All they are interested in is the politician’s money. They know this is the only avenue to get their share from them. To sum it up, I don’t see anything wrong in it anyway.


Titilope Joseph (JOURNALIST)

Well, I think their involvement in politics has been adding colour to the whole show. On a more serious note, it’s not a bad idea, but the bad aspect of it was when they started raining curses and abuses on the opposition. They should know better than this and support whoever they choose in peace.




Every entertainer has the right individually to express themselves, depending on their ideology. All I know is that people should be progressive in nature and shine their eyes.


Biola Sunmoni (BUSINESS WOMAN)

I think it’s just to show that everyone really needs a change and it’s also a means of living a better life.


Akabude Uche Peter (MEDIA CONSULTANT)

As individual members of the society, entertainers reserve the right to campaign openly for any candidate of their choice. The problem, however, is that they are public figures that depend on public goodwill to excel. These publics are members of different political parties. So, openly taking sides with a political camp may set them on collision course with some sections of their fan base.



Electioneering period is generally perceived as a period of bumper harvest, where everyone, even the poor man in the interior part who has not felt government’s impact, desires to get whatever he can and after the elections, he is soon forgotten and goes back to his shell. The entertainers are no different as they see it as wanting to tap into politicians’ loose money, forgetting that the coin could turn the other way, post election. For me, it’s not a good idea as they are supposed to be non aligned with any political party or candidate.


Aralola Olumuyiwa (SINGER)

It’s a matter of choice.



I honestly won’t blame entertainers campaigning for politicians. Times are hard, but they should not forget in a hurry the major headline for PDP in 2011 has not been part of any campaigns this year. Politicians will use and dump you. So, while dining with them, do your part and don’t expect anything afterwards.


Olubode Mac. Oserinde (EVENTS MANAGER)


For me, it’s a two-way thing. Much as the entertainers are individuals with their own right to associate and identify with whoever they wish, they could as well endorse any candidate of their choice. However, this should also bring to their consciousness that it could be an albatross on their careers in a situation where their choice happens to go against the will of majority.
The bottom line of my position is, professionally, entertainers’ services could be engaged for campaign purpose, but they should know when to draw the line between campaign as professionals or endorsement as individuals!


Christiana Owoyele Babaniyi (BUSINESS WOMAN)

Honestly, I see it as an avenue to make money for the entertainers. They are only concerned about their pockets. That’s all.


Foluso Samuel (BLOGGER)

I believe everybody has the right to support whoever they want. It is a free world; entertainers inclusive. I see nothing wrong in them openly campaigning for politicians.


Prince Paul Odigbo (ARTISTE MANAGER)

They are professionals in their respective fields as well as bonafide citizens of this country. So, it’s just for them to campaign for the politicians. If an ordinary citizen can, they can.


Kikelomo Adewunmi Obaoye (ENTREPRENEUR)

Kikelomo Adewunmi Obaoye_786319

It is good if they are doing it for a good cause, but if not, it shows they are birds of same feather with the politicians they are campaigning for. They do so for their selfish interest.


Gbolagun-Arulogun Modupe (CIVIL SERVANT)

Well, it’s no big deal for entertainers campaigning for their choice party. They should just apply wisdom and not be violent about it. Also, they should help convey whatever message in the right way.


Olamide Adewunmi (CIVIL SERVANT)

Adewunmi Olamide T_786319

I think they are free to do so. It’s just like using celebrities for product advertisement. Just that any entertainer who agrees to be used for political campaigns should be modest. No use of foul language against other candidates.



I think everyone has the right to support whomever they want, but their involvement in politics won’t make me vote for them. They can’t influence my choice. They are busy making their cool cash off politicians they may not even vote for.


Biletiri Tunde (POLITICIAN)

I believe it is their own hustle and way of making ends meet. They are professionals and should be paid their professional fees.


Queen Nathan (STUDENT)

Well, I think they have been paid to do so, because if not, I don’t think anyone would go ahead to campaign for any party. They can just support them through their vote. But campaigning for them, money is involved.


Eze Nkiruka (STUDENT)

The entertainers are civilians. Have the right to belong to any political party of their choice . Therefore, they have the right to campaign for the party they belong to peacefully without any interference. It is also their responsibility to do that.


Dada Helen (STUDENT)

The politicians believe they can communicate better to the average Nigerian, most especially the youths, because they are they ones that have the largest voting pattern and also the artistes want to make money as well and as you can see, they need to survive.


Kalejaiye Eunice (BAR OWNER)

They are looking for money.


Oluchi Ogbodo-Anwunobi (BUSINESS WOMAN)

I think it’s a good way of driving the message down to the masses. Entertainers resonate with the least person in the society. They are role models, down to the grass roots. Everybody wants to be like them because of the work they do. So, when these parties use them, people want to believe they represent good and ideal things.


Amaka Ikenga-Amadi (BLOGGER)


Beyond just being celebrities who keep us entertained with their craft, I think entertainers are opinion molders. Don’t forget, they are first Nigerians before anything else. So, if they feel inclined to project the aspirations of one political party, so be it. Personally, I do not see anything wrong with it as long as their approach doesn’t patronize mudslinging. Whether I will be swayed by their campaigns or not is another thing though.

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