You may not believe this, but pimping has become one of the most lucrative businesses in the city of Lagos. Especially when you know the tricks and operate in the right circles and have some of the richest men we have around as your clients. Right now in the Centre of Excellence, some people have become millionaires doing just that! Besides boasting of fat bank accounts, they also drive some of the most exotic automobiles you can think of and reside majorly in highbrow areas. Sometimes even being the owners of their houses.

A pimp, in case you are wondering what that means or what the job entails, is simply a woman (or man) who controls prostitutes and lives on the money they earn. Surprised? You had better not be because it is one of the most thriving businesses among the sons and daughters of the devil here on earth. Come with us as we unmask the five richest female pimps in Lagos…


AA – She shares the same name with the fourth month of every year. The first three alphabets in her surname also have something in common with the commercial nerve-centre of Abia State. Young, fair and not beautiful, she has made so much money from the dirty business that many now envy her. Very, very popular because of some of our very, very rich men who patronize her, she grew up in Port-Harcourt, but struck gold in Lagos. To avoid eyebrows being raised about her source of wealth, she sells expensive hairs just to cover up.


AF – This one is not only old in the business, she is also no longer young herself. The reason many address her as Aunty. Residing in Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos, her home could be rightly described as a mini brothel. Forever busy with activities, with dozens of young girls trooping in and out of the place, she shares the same first name with a popular female politician who hails from the South South and has been to the House of Representatives and Senate. The said politico also once served as a presidential aide.


RO – This lady masquerades as a journalist. But beneath that is the business of doling out women to the rich and the powerful. Zany and dark skinned, she is from the South Sough and shares the same first name with a popular Biblical character. The edge she has over others in their line of business is the door her profession opens for her as well as the access it provides. Which she has been capitalizing on to live large.


JO – This one has been long on the scene. A socialite par excellence, she attends practically all the high profile parties stages in the Centre of Excellence and even outside of it. A businesswoman and grandmother, she is married to a polygamist whose constant unavailability affords her the opportunity of also servicing her customers whenever any of her young girls is not around. Very well known, some Yoruba musician enjoy singing her praise. Always flamboyantly dressed. She’s over-bleached, but generous.


HS – She is the only Northerner among them and very, very rich too, because of the unique service she renders. A single mother and salaciously beautiful, her specialty is arranging half castes. And because she seems to be the most prominent person doing this right now, she charges her clients only in pounds and dollars. And because these dirty – minded men are paying, she’s been smiling to the bank and waxing stronger and stronger in her sinful business.

NB: First published May 2014

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