Tasha Denae is of American origin, but very much in love with Nigerian music. During a recent visit to Nigeria, YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine’s TOKUNBO IBIKUNLE encountered her and the result is what we have below…


5Can we meet you?
My name is Tasha Denae, from Atlanta Georgia, America. I am a musician. My style of music is pop/Nigerian style of music.


How did you find yourself in music?
I had been singing when I was a little girl. I grew up in the church as a chorister. And also as a student. I have graduated from college. I was through with my studies 4,5 years ago. Since then, I have been travelling all over the world singing everywhere.


How do you get your inspiration?
It’s just a gift. I mean, a gift from God. Like I said earlier, I started when I was a little girl. And I realized that I had a talent, when I was just three or four years.


America has got so many talented musicians with so much competition. Do you think you can go far inspite of that?
It’s okay; no big deal. What I found out is that you need to do what you know how to do best and stick with your game. It’s not a competition thing; just do your best and be original.


2How many awards have you won so far?
I have won many awards. A lot of them are in my shelf, but no Grammy yet. I believe I will win a Grammy soon. And Africa Music Awards too. But I have won some.


Who is a good musician?
Whitney Houston is a definition of a good musician. Whitney Houston is my best and my favourite musician. Her voice is amazing and her energy on stage and her spirit great.


What makes a good song?
What makes good song? Yeah! When it comes from the heart, the inspiration, motivation. You need to come out with vibes that people will feel, move to and make them happy. Most of all, you need to make your audience addicted to your song and need to make them dance and get into it.


So, what stands you out?
What stands me out? Oh yes, I am different and original. So many things stand me out. I have worked with different producers and my soulful voice, with pop beat merging with Nigerian style of music. You know Nigeria’s style of music and beat are very different.


Who are your idols in the music industry?
No. 1 – Whitney Houston. Rest in peace, and so many of them like the Chaka Kan sisters. I love their great voice.


3What is the greatest thing that music has done for you?
It gives me lots of opportunities, freedom. It allows me to express myself anywhere. It takes me all over the world.


What has music not done for you?
You know I am happy with all the privileges I am getting from it. Every day of my life is full of surprises; it’s just amazing.


In your album, which track is your favourite?
Whaoo! All the tracks are hot. I like all. Wait, let me pick one; Flying away. I really love it.


Can you pick one that you don’t like?
No, no! I love all the tracks. I love all.


If you don’t do music any more, what profession do you prefer?
When I was a little girl, I wanted to become an astronaut, because I love science. As an astronaut,  I like to be the first person to sing in the moon.


So, who was the biggest artiste you worked with or featured?
Yeah! I have featured 2 Chains. We have sung together and he is a very big artiste.


In Nigeria which artistes are you planning to work with?
So many of them. So many. I can do Ice Prince and I will love to do Olamide or 2Face. So many of them.


4In your career, can you pick any embarrassing moment?
(Laughs) I have not known anyone yet; none at all (Still laughing).


What are you working on presently?
Presently, we are just through with the album. We have more videos we are gonna shoot. As you can see, we are here now, performing all over the place and we will be going back soon. We are looking forward to 2015. Work is still in progress.


What do you like most about music?
Just the freedom and being able to travel all over the world and share my gift. The gift given to me by God and for me to use it to bless people and also make a difference.


How can one succeed in music industry?
Continue to believe in yourself, never give up, believe in God and also believe in yourself and in the gift that has been given to you.


How can you rate Nigeria’s music industry?
Oh! I do rate Nigerian music. It’s great! It’s great! I like everything about the music industry. We have the artistes, fans and the beats are great. People keep dancing non stop and everybody is feeling good, from the soul.


Where are you from? African origin?
No, no! I am an American. I was born in Indiana and I have always had passion for the African music industry, especially Nigerian music. I just love it.


6How do you relax?
I always sit back in my room and I love to whistle or put up one instrument and listen to natural sounds and I love to read books or listen to some audio books.


Any new song now?
I have a single now, it’s called Throw My Body On.


In the next five years, where do you want to be?
I would love to win a Grammy and so many prestigious awards.


Nice chatting with you.
Thank you so much and you can check me out on [email protected]

NB: First published January 2015

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