Shade 10Mrs. Shade Okoya, the Deputy Managing Director of Eleganza Industrial City, is an SSS – Sweet, Svelte and Sexy. Born on April 25, 1977 (into the family of Late Alhaji Taju and Alhaja Nimosat Adeleye), the delectable and dazzling damsel (DDD) is a native of Ijebu-Ode, in Ogun State.
Happily married to billionaire mogul and Eleganza founder, Alhaji Rasak Akanni Okoya, CON, for 17 good years now, their union is blessed with four cute children – Olamide, Olasubomi, Oyinlola and Wahab. Passionate about cooking, gardening and travelling, Chief (Mrs.) Folashade Okoya read Sociology at the University of Lagos. And prior to that, Banking and Finance, at the Lagos State Polytechnic.
A life-time member of Nigeria’s Best Dressed List as well as Nigeria’s Most Beautiful Women, the Bewaji of Lagos, Otun Aare Iyalode of Ajiranland, Yeye Oge of Epe and Ajisewa of Oke-Ona Egba, on Sunday, March 13, 2016, amidst the frenzy of her grandmother’s burial rites (inside Oluwa Nisola Estate, Ajah, Lagos) graciously chatted with YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, AZUH ARINZE. She touched on some pertinent issues which we know you will enjoy. Come with us…


Shade 2How does it feel to be a very, very beautiful woman?
I don’t know o! But it’s been very wonderful anyway. I thank God. I eat right, I do everything in moderation and I’m lucky.


Most people find it difficult to believe that you are a mother of four. You’ve retained your beauty, your shape and all that. How have you been able to do this so effortlessly?
I think I have a good shape, because I don’t do anything extra-ordinary. So, I eat right, like I said. I sleep very well as well. And I work a lot. So, maybe that’s part of the thing that added to the way I look.


Repeatedly, you’ve made the list of Nigeria’s best dressed women. How did you cultivate the habit of dressing well?
I think I just love to look good and for people to respect you… So, I believe that’s part of the things that motivate me.


Shade 4Which colour is your favourite?
I love white and gold and I love yellow.


Who’s your favourite designer?
Em…I’m very greedy when it comes to designers. I love good designers that make nice clothes and I love good names.


Most women who are married to very rich men don’t do anything, but I heard from the grapevine that you are a very hard working woman who is always seen at the Eleganza Factory (in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos) engaged in one activity or the other. How did you cultivate that habit of hard work?
It’s from my husband. When I met him, he told me that he doesn’t want a lazy wife. So, from the beginning, he was honest with me. So, I can’t afford to be lazy because he’s already mentioned it and even told me. And if I have to make my marriage work, I have to be able to meet up with the standard and the level he operates. So, I believe it’s from my husband.


Shade 5How did you meet him?
I don’t know! It’s a personal question (Laughing).


Your marriage has been on-going now for 17 years, what would you say has kept it going?
I think it’s love. We love each other and I respect him a lot. My husband is always winning. So, I respect him. I want my marriage to work, so I’m also very loyal and I’m honest. And I think that has kept my marriage.


It’s very obvious that God has been nice to you. What more do you want from God?
He should keep my husband to have long life and our love should grow stronger. That will make me very happy, because I have a wonderful husband, I have wonderful children. So, God should grant my husband long life, he should stay long for me and He should put His love in our home.


What is the nicest thing that God has done for you?
My family, my family…


Shade 9Are you looking at having more children or you are through with that?
My last born is ten, so no more.


What do you do for relaxation?
I travel and I love to sleep. I love to talk with my children and my husband.


Where is the best place that you have visited?
I don’t know o! I have been to so many places. Me and my husband, we do a lot of adventure. So, we go everywhere.


Who is your closest friend and what does friendship mean to you?
Being able to trust each other and for them to be there when you need them.


So, who is your closest friend?
I don’t know o! I have lots of big aunties – Mrs. Oguntade, Mrs. Adedoyin, Mrs. Okeowo. I’m close to all of them.


Shade 3Your lovely shape, how have you been able to retain it? Do you do exercise every morning?
I don’t do (exercise), I’m very lazy. I don’t do exercise. I will say work. I work a lot in the factory. I think my work. When I work, I keep fit.


Who has made the greatest impact in your life? One singular individual?
My husband! (Alhaji Rasak Akanni Okoya).


Whaoh! You love your husband so much.
Yes! Thank you, thank you, ese!

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