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DISCOVERY: Blessed Is The Man Who Trusts In The Lord, By Olakunle Yusuf


O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusth in Him.” Psalm 34:8. The Lord Jesus Christ gives us beatitudes – attitudes that ought to be. They are not platitudes. They are attitudes that deal with Christian character.
Your reputation is what others think about you, but character is what God knows about you.
The beatitudes do not say, “Blessed are what you have,” or ”Blessed are what you do”, but ”Blessed are what you are”. Most of the people in the world are doing what? They are seeking happiness. If you seek happiness, you may never find it. But if you get right with God, blessedness will find you. Have you been finding your self-worth in what you have or what you do? Confess it before the Lord and meditate on the attitudes you ought to have in Matthew 5:3-11. For prayers and counseling, do call 08023423396 or email: [email protected] Shalom!

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