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Motivational (15/12/17): What Is Your Vision? – By Sam Adeyemi



Have you heard of the name Jeff Bezos? May be you have not, but does the name Amazon.com ring a bell?

You see, Bezos is the founder of Amazon.com a company which pioneered e-commerce. He started the company as an online bookstore and it expanded into selling almost everything from laptops to gift items.

In 1994, he noticed internet’s potential for commerce and abandoned a well-paying job at an investment firm to launch Amazon.

After inviting some friends to test his work, Bezos took the site live and within a month, the company had sold books in all the 50 states in America and in 45 countries. Within two months, sales topped $20,000 a week. Amazon earned its first full-year profit in 2003 and by 2008, the company’s revenue was $4 billion. The company succeeded mostly because it embraced e-commerce innovations that improved its customer experience.

He is a man of vision who saw the next phrase of commerce and positioned himself.

You too can position yourself ahead in your industry. This and more will be discussed at the CEO Class.

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To your success!

Sam Adeyemi

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