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Happiness And Joy Envelop Eyimofe Atake At 60

Eyimofe Atake, SAN

Legal luminary and one of Nigeria’s most stylish men, Dr. Eyimofe Atake, SAN, is now 60 years old and he is so, so happy.

Married to Dorothy and blessed with four adorable children, Eyimofe, son of Justice Franklin Atake, also a legal giant, from Warri, Delta State, took to his social media page earlier today to say this about his new age: ‘I am 60 YEARS TODAY. Wow!!! That is how you jump for joy and praise the Lord when you are 60 years old and still fit, agile, sprightly, lively, in good shape and health. One jumps high up in the air thanking God for his compassion, kindness, understanding and benevolence. For that reason, I share wholly what YOKO ONO stated: “when I turned 60, it didn’t bother me at all”. Why YOKO? Because in my case, like an older fiddle, my tune is still spectacular, razor-sharp and marvelous. Sing praises to the Lord for me!!!’

From all of us at YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine, we say happy birthday, Sir and more blessings.

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