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Opinion (01/03/18): It’s The Month Of March, By Praise Fowowe

Dear people,
I want to congratulate you for stepping into the month of March which could mean many things to many people.
For several people it is a month of marching out of pains just like last year but the question many need to ask is. If we have truly marched out of pain in 2017 how come we still need to march out again in 2018.
The distance between declarations and manifestation is often our execution or lack of it.A Jewish saying says,
The labour of the fool demoralises everyone around him because he doesn’t have a map to the city.

Truth be told you have all it takes to exceed your goals this month. As a matter of fact you can exceed your goal for the year but the deciding factor is your action plans.

One power that God has given us all which many have taken away from us is the power of OBSERVATION – what can you see?
Most times the solution you seek is in nature or what someone else have done but we often ignore the power of example simply because we are bogged down by what is spiritual or unspiritual so we call unclean what God has called clean.

If what you have done over the years has not produced the right result why don’t you try something else this month?

– Observe Nature – God is speaking through the Sun & teaching you the power of order and consistency; he is speaking through the power of water and rain to teach you that we are better together than apart; he is teaching you through the flowers that nothing lasts forever and you need to shine when it is your season.

– Observe results – There are people who have done what you want to do and their testimony is in the process they followed. There is no point trying to become a billionaire all by yourself when you can simply submit to the mentorship of 10 billionaires so that you can master their thought process and strategy.

– Observe yourself – There is a pattern that either stops or distracts you once you are set on accomplishing a task. Who is that person or what is that pattern?

I am available to work with you and help you attain the best possible result if you are willing.

– Your marriage will work
– Your children will turn out right (Please shower them with a lot of love and understanding this month because we are receiving several reports on suicide among teens in Nigeria )
– Your business will turn out well
– God will be proud of you

Be You! Be Brilliant! Be free!

Happy new month

Praise Fowowe

– We are live in the UK on March 24th for Out of the box parenting. You can register here www.iampraisefowowe.com/online/events
– You can also join our class on Play therapy and master how to attain emotional healing through play. This holds on March 30th and 31st.

Feel free to send us a mail for other enquiries and questions

I honour you

Praise Fowowe
Premier Trainer- Family Systems Engineering Certification
Center For Sex Education and Family Life
Plot 14 Hilton Drive off Ogundana off Allen
Lagos Nigeria

The most important nation on earth is your family because it is the production factory of the society – Praise Fowowe

Our focus is to promote the dignity of humanity through a developed family system where the potential of everyone finds expression producing a culture that gives our world rest in service to God and Humanity. I am the one to call should you have any Family life issue you need to resolve

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