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MTN Speaks On The NLC-Led Protest At Their Head Office

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Leading telecommunications company, MTN, has opened up on the protest at their Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos office earlier in the day.

According to Tobechukwu Okigbo of their Corporate Affairs Department, what happened was both uncalled for and unnecessary. Hear him:

’Today’s violence and the needless destruction of property is deeply saddening. As always our primary concern is the safety and well-being of our employees, some of whom were attacked by supposed NLC operatives and have sustained injuries.

We do not prevent our employees from associating amongst themselves as they deem fit and owe our employees the obligation to ensure they are not compelled to join associations. MTN supports the freedom of association as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution.

All workers have rights that should be protected. We work hard to not only ensure that this is done but also to ensure that our company is a Great Place to Work. We will continue to champion our peoples’ rights, whether they are part of a union or not and work hard to minimise disruptions in service to our customers.’

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