2 Billionaires, Bank MD, Chairman, Ex-Governor in Monumental Sex Mess

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A major and messy sex scandal has just blown open – and as would be expected, the salacious details are as incredible as they are ear- deafening. Not only that, some of the who is who in high society seems involved, or somehow connected. Two of our leading billionaires – one into oil and gas and the other into banking and telecoms – are however occupying front-row seats in the monumental scandal that has been unfolding and unfurling for sometime now, shocking and stupefying nearly everybody who has been privileged to hear the details. The oil and gas billionaire is bearded, from the East, enjoys keeping to his luxurious nest and does everything that concerns him in earnest. His fellow billionaire is right now embattled. And very seriously too. Hitherto living in the sky, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission just let him off their hook over some not-too-clear business transactions running into billions of naira. At a time sitting atop a bank and a telecoms company, he, however, stepped down not-too-long ago. The 20th alphabet begins one of his names.
The bank MD involved runs one of our biggest banks. From the South South, he had so much access to these girls before the lid was blown open. In fact, we heard that to curtail the collateral damage, he was made to part with so much money to prevent his nude video from spreading. One of the earliest alphabets kicks off his first name.
The ex-Governor, according to YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine findings, is in his 50’s and also from the South South. An orator, he quit his governorship position for another sumptuous political office. A father of five, it probably wasn’t his will to have cavorted with these women of easy virtues until a friend regaled him with the salacious details of his encounter with them. Thus his involvement. And the mess he has landed himself in. Also swimming in the scandal is another oil magnate who is on the wrong side of the law as you read this. From the North Central, he is a stammerer and on the dark side. The 10th alphabet begins one of his names. The randy businessman surprisingly is married to an angel who used to work in an accessible financial institution until she upstaged the man’s first wife, taking over both the man’s home and his businesses.
Equally implicated is a South West governor, now occupying another beautiful position, who fell out with his godfather at some point. The not-too-fashionable guy, unknown to many, also enjoys the company of women. But discreetly. One of the first six alphabets begins his name.
Then, a magical club owner who is handsome and hails from the South West. He shares the same first name with a once-upon-a-time rave musician and has his club strategically located on Victoria Island, but very, very close to Lekki.
Other not-too-popular money men also dot the list of these two sisters who go by the names of Jyoti and Khiran Matharoo. Unarguably very, very pretty, the duo allegedly operated their prostitution ring quietly, and pocketed millions of foreign and local currencies as they rolled in and out of the sheets with their super rich clients, until greed and avarice got hold of them. Thus, they began taking nude recordings of their customers only to later blackmail them with that.
Living large and loud, they met their waterloo recently when they tried their obnoxious trick with no-nonsense billionaire and Forte oil boss, Femi Otedola.
Watch out for part 2 in our next edition.

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