Seyi Sodimu was born in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, located in the western part of the continent. Seyi (pronounced shay-yee) grew up in Lagos, one of Nigeria’s largest cities. While growing up in Nigeria, he was influenced by various genres of music-highlife, juju and afro beat. This indigenous music is the basis of Seyi’s style of music. After his high school education, where he majored in the arts, He travelled to America (Washington DC) for his University education. This was where he began his musical pursuits. Seyi’s style of music takes the traditional African rhythms of highlife, juju and afro-beat.
Seyi sings smoothly in English and Yoruba (his native African language) and sometimes accenting his music with Yoruba chants. He writes all his songs. His style of writing celebrates life, love and the truth, as well as the spirituality of a higher existence. His music acknowledges the trails of everyday people in today’s society and the struggles of oppressed people, but never animated in hate or revenge. His music also tells a story, and inspires people.
Seyi has attracted a huge following in Nigeria, England and in America among Nigerians and Africans alike. His music has made so much impact, that he has been referred to as one of the pioneers of the new sound of Nigerian and African music as a whole. Seyi released his first album titled Born in Africa and featuring the hit single “LOVE ME JEJE”, on an independent record label, GOODLIFE Entertainment, in 1998, and it was an instant hit. The song topped the charts in Nigeria for over six months and with the album reshaping the sound of modern music in Nigeria and Africa as whole. It also earned him several nominations and musical awards.
Seyi released his follow up and second studio album in 2002 titled STATE OF MIND. The album was released with rave reviews in Nigeria, England and America amongst Nigerians and Africans. The hit single, Money Man also topped the charts in Nigeria for several weeks and once again raised the bar in modern African music. Afterwards, Seyi has done several singles like Boys Will Be Boys, Dying Young, and Sophisticated Woman, featuring Wayne Wonder.
Seyi is currently putting finishing touches to his third studio album which has Gbedu as the leading single. Seyi Sodimu is an international artiste and has brought awareness and appreciation to the new sound of African music which he refers to as Afro-Soul. He has performed around the world, alongside artistes like Wyclef Jean, Guru of Gnagster, Genuwine and Wayne Wonder.

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