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IFEANYI UBA EXCLUSIVE ‘The Lord will fight for me’



Persecuted MD/CEO of Capital Oil and Gas Industries Limited, Dr. Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah, has handed his current travails and tribulations over to the Almighty God.
In a chat with us soon after breathing the air of freedom, Ubah who insisted that the time was not yet ripe for an elaborate interview only said: “The Lord will fight for me – I’ve handed over this matter to Him. Thank you”.
Ubah spoke to YES International! on Friday, October 19, 2012 at SFU, Milverton Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, where he had been for over a week. Adorning a navy blue South South attire, the Nnewi, Anambra State born billionaire and father of five looked cool and calm as he chatted with us. Surrounded by friends and well wishers, among them Barrister Ben Chuks Nwosu, former Speaker, Anambra House of Assembly, Barrister Emeka Ngige, SAN, Mr. Chike Chikeluba and Chief Austin Ndigwe, he headed home thereafter, looking relieved and relaxed.

‘WHY WE LOVE HIM’ – Nigerian Youths

The youths of Nigeria have pledged their support and love for Dr. Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah, the MD/CEO of Capital Oil Industries Nigeria Limited, in spite of the plans by his business enemies and political detractors to colour him black. Their President, Mr. Eze Chibunna, who spoke to us on Thursday, October 16, 2012, at the Special Fraud Unit, Milverton Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, during a solidarity visit with some of his men, shouted that the plans of the evil ones for him must definitely come to naught.
“Ubah’s enemies will never succeed. And no matter how much they try to paint him black, we will continue to see him as white, and that is because we know he is white and also believe him to be white”. Asked to speak specifically on Ubah’s good sides, he said: “First and foremost, Ubah is a youth like us and belongs to our generation. So, we the youths of this country are proud of him, we love him and we admire him for doing all the youths proud. Now, back to specifics. Ubah is a cheerful giver. His generosity echoes in the East, West, North and South. Ubah loves the youths and has constantly identified with them. There is no serious and focused youth that has had access to him without being generously supported. Ubah loves the masses. In fact, he is a man of the people and that is why anytime he steps out, you see people cheering him and celebrating him.
“Uba is an easy going fellow. There are no airs around him. He is very, very down to earth and liked by nearly everybody. One other thing which a lot of people don’t know about him is that over 90% of Capital Oil’s workforce is made up of youths. Just visit Capital Oil depot, the main one in Apapa, Lagos and you will see that out of his over 3000 staff, about 2500 of them are youths. I could go on and on. But the long and short of what I want you to know is that we, the youths of Nigeria, love the man, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah. He is a jolly good fellow and hard worker. We love him and won’t change our mind because of his current travails”.


Fresh facts have begun emerging on the fuel subsidy palaver. And the latest is that some people have turned it to a personal war. An example is what is currently happening to the MD/CEO of Capital Oil and Gas Industries Limited, Mr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah.
We gathered that because of a business disagreement he had with Dr. Cosmas Maduka of Cosharis Group, Maduka is allegedly using his relationship with Mr. Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede, the GMD of Access Bank Plc and also the chairman of the Presidential Committee on Verification and Reconciliation of Fuel Subsidy Payments, to get at him.
It was learnt that even before Ubah was detained at the Special Fraud Unit, The Nigeria Police, Milverton Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, upon his visit with his lawyers and five of his top staffers (on Tuesday, October 9, 2012), Maduka had allegedly boasted that he must keep him in detention for 14 days!
We also learnt that their next line of action is to strip him of his assets. As a matter of fact, we were told that the fate of Dr. Erastus Akingbola, the former MD of the defunct Intercontinental Bank awaits him. “They have their eyes on Ubah’s vast assets, especially his massive depot, which is the third largest in the country and will stop at nothing to have it”, squealed a source.
“Because, let’s face facts, why is it only Ubah that was arrested? Where are the other top players in the industry also mentioned in the matter? The story flying up and down now is that former Lagos governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is silently fighting for Mr. Wale Tinubu of Oando, while billionaire businessman, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, has thrown his weight behind Alhaji Sayyu Dantata of MRS. Ubah was detained and humiliated because he has no one to fight for him – and that is not fair”.
Summing it all up as intimidation, another source added that the gang up is to cow Ubah and strip him of all his assets and nothing more. “However, the people after him should not forget that even if nobody fights for him now, God will surely fight for him. All they have been doing to that young man is to heap lies upon lies on him. The Federal Government of Nigeria contracted Ernst & Young, an international agency to conduct the verification exercise. They should allow the agency publish their findings instead of coming up with cooked up stories. Nigerians are not fooled. They know the truth and will continue to pray for Ubah. In spite of being only 41, he has touched a lot of lives. And all those whose lives he has touched with his generosity will continue to pray for him – whether the enemies like it or not”.
Dr. Ubah, meanwhile, was released on Friday, October 19, 2012 – after spending ten days in detention.


There is no more arguing the fact: Ubah, the MD/CEO of Capital Oil and Gas Industries Nigeria Limited, is a man of the people. While his victimization increases, his popularity has also been soaring.
At the Special Fraud Unit, The Nigeria Police, Milverton Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, where he was held for over one week, the results were there for all to see. Daily, over 100 people, both known and unknown, trooped in to see him. Billionaire moguls like Chief Emmanuel Bishop Okonkwo of Ekulo Group of Companies, Chief Chidi Anyaegbu of Chisco Transport Company, Chief Chika Okafor of A-Z Oil and Chief Hilary Unachukwu of Hiuna fame all visited him. Igbo socialites and businessmen like Chief Charles Ahize (Obigbo), Chief Austin Ndigwe (Uzu Awka), Prince Chukwudi Agwuna (Mkpume) were equally there. Likewise entertainers like Ali Baba and Shan George and legal practitioners like Emeka Ngige, SAN and Ziggy Azike.
Uncountable was the adjective our source used to qualify Igbo traders from Alaba, Trade Fair Complex, Idumota and even the Eastern part of the country who equally came calling, either to pledge their support and loyalty or to pray for and wish him well.


As the battle between the Nigeria Police and Mr. Ifeanyi Ubah rages over his alleged involvement in the fuel subsidy scam, a group under the auspices of Anambra Vanguard, an umbrella of progressive young entrepreneurs in Anambra State, has come out to stand behind the chief executive officer of Capital Oil & Gas Industries Ltd.
In a statement signed by the group’s general secretary, Mr. Lazarus Okoye, it stated that the case against Ubah was a “clear case of intimidation, blackmail and political witch-hunting orchestrated by his competitors in the oil and gas sector who are jealous of his rise to stardom in the business.”
The group further stated that trouble started for Ubah and his growing oil conglomerate when he took off with the Kero-Direct Initiative with the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to the utmost surprise of his competitors in the industry, adding that having seen the success he recorded with the initiative, other marketers began to jealous him and went ahead to cook up stories against him.
“We wonder how Police will go and arrest a suspect, detain him and continue investigation on an issue that has been in the public domain for the past eight months. The accepted norm is that police ought to have concluded investigations before launching the arrest. Even after he was charged to court, he was remanded in the custody to enable the police conclude investigations. This is absurd and we want the world to know that the case against him was ill-motivated.
Anambra Vanguard further stated that the Kero-Direct Initiative was meant to alleviate the sufferings of the downtrodden which Ubah stands for, and wonders why such gesture and sacrifice on the part of Ubah should be misconstrued as “brisk business”.
“Ubah deserves commendation and not condemnation. He has through the initiative touched lives in virtually all parts of the country. He should rather be patted on the back than this humiliation being meted out on him. It is because of this wrong attitude in punishing good people that you find many rich Nigerians preferring to stash their money in the banks instead of using their wealth to assist the less privileged in the society,” it further stated.
The group again maintained that since the issue of the scam in the fuel subsidy became public, both EFCC and the Police had at different times invited Ubah and his company to make explanations regarding their transactions in the fuel subsidy regime, adding that it beats their imagination why the police had to go to his house in his absence, ransack it and cart away both documents and exotic cars.
“It was sheer intimidation and wickedness orchestrated by people who are not comfortable with the steady growth of Ifeanyi Ubah in the industry. And the best strategy they think could cow him is to use police to harass him”.
It, however, concluded that if there is concrete evidence indicating that Ubah and his companies indeed committed infractions, due process should be followed in trying him, not resorting to victimization or intimidation.


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