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Expensive Adultery




The people of Isingwu Nkpor, in Idemili North local government area of Anambra State, would have loved their story on the cover of a magazine, but certainly not this one. And not even anything similar. The reason? One of their own, a 911 truck driver who goes by the name of Ikechukwu Chiaghanam and his mistress, popularly known as Ezenwanyi, recently died in ‘active service’. The lovers, according to what YES International! magazine was told, may have died due to exhaustion and after some rounds of hot sex. Although, there’s also another school of thought which attributed their shocking and shameful death to the carbon monoxide from a generator which they forget to place far away from where they were, before action started.
The ugly incident allegedly happened on Sunday, October 20, 2013. But it was not discovered until Tuesday, October 22. And by which time one of the corpses had started going bad. “The lovers were found naked inside the man’s flat. Apparently, it was the man’s truck which was parked outside  his house for days, which was unusual, that alerted neighbours. And upon enquiries, the duo were found inside, naked and lifeless”. One, still on top of the bed and the other, on the floor, and as if trying to crawl to safety.
Though unconfirmed, latest information emanating from Isingwu Nkpor is that the man still had some life in him when neighbours broke into his flat. As a matter of fact, he’s said to be receiving treatment at Crown Hospital, in the area. “The lady, of course, has since been transferred to the morgue”, added one villager. Their salacious story, of course, has become the talk-of-the-town in Isingwu Nkpor and even neighbouring communities. Friends and families of the married lovers are also battling to see how much of their reputation as well as that of their families that could still be salvaged. The reason none of them wanted to talk about it or even discuss it with the media when we sought additional information. Notwithstanding, the police in the area has been notified. Likewise some elders of the community. But none wanted to talk about it with us or even shed more light on the mysterious incident.

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