Leading dermatologist and front woman of Ever After Face and Skin Centre, the delectable Mrs. Amanda Akhimien recently chatted with us in her office in Omole, Ikeja, Lagos on a couple of beauty-related issues…


Can we meet you?

I’m Mrs. Amanda Akhimien. I’m a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), with BSc in Foreign Languages. Basically French. And I went to France to study Dermatology at Maison de Pierre.


Why the choice of Dermatology and how did you start?

I started in 2008 and since then I have been managing all skin types, without surgery. Any skin-related problem. What I cannot do is reconstruction. Some call me that they have big heads and ask if there is anything they can do about it and other funny things. But any skin – related challenge – like stretch marks, dark knuckles, premature or mature wrinkles are my specialties; eye bag, pimples and others.


For someone to be a good dermatologist, what are the things the person must do?

You have to actually study it. Have experience with your clients, attend to them well, assess their skin, check their skin type, know their problem and by the time you study all these, when clients come, you will know how to handle them.


Why do we need to monitor our skin?

Everybody has one skin problem or the other and we all need it, including you (pointing to this reporter) because I can see something – pimples on your face. Everybody wants to look good; men, women don’t like aging. When you call them grandma, they get angry because the wrinkles are setting in. They call a girl mummy, she gets angry because maybe she’s not gotten married and wrinkles are setting in, not necessary because of age but because of work-related stress and so many other things. You see some children with spots on their skin, maybe as a result of dangerous play. Many also have stretch marks, breasts – sagged and so many other things that people need to take care of. So, it cuts across gender and age.


What is the relationship between skin care and getting slim?

That is part of looking good. What I call it is weight management. Some are slim; they want to add weight, not minding that God’s ways are perfect. We think we have a lot of imperfections. So, weight management is not the same thing as weight loss because you might be fat and you want to loss weight, but you might not want to lose weight in some places that you are well endowed. You still want to retain your shape and curves and some people are slim, they want to add weight, but they don’t want to add weight in certain places. That is where I come in. I manage your weight, help you to add weight where you want to, and look how you want it. They are all encompassing and all under skin care.


Do facial and body enhancements have side effects?

It depends on the kind of people that you go to for the enhancement because sometimes you go to the market and buy something without professional help and at the end of the day you have problems. Who are you going to blame? The cream and the person that sold it to you? If you go to a professional, that is where you are taken proper care of. You get the complexion you want, the colour and others without any problem. I’m not into surgery yet, but what I do is that sometimes I help you achieve that look without plastic surgery. I use herbs and so many other things to make you look younger than your age, even if you are very old without surgery. I remove the wrinkles. No matter how people lie about their age, when you look at the hand, you could know if the person is a grandpa or a grandma. No matter the plastic surgery, the hand can be wrinkled, but I have the cure for that. By the time I’m done with your hand, nobody will be able to guess your age.


What led you to this kind of job because so many people believe you recreate what God has created?

Would I say by accident or by proxy? Can’t really say. My sister is actually the owner of Dazzle Bridals and when I was in school, I was always with her and people would come and appreciate my skin and my shape. So, the flair for doing it just came because I started with make-ups actually and immediately I finished from school, I went to France to study Dermatology and since then, I have been into this business. As for the name, I got it from my dream. I dreamt about it. I was sleeping when Ever After came and the name kept popping into my mind and I thought fine, people can always look happily ever after with their looks. I started from Allen Avenue before I moved down to Omole Phase 1 to be able to serve my clients in a better, bigger, more spacious, more beautiful place than where I was before and to accommodate some of my latest services like body massage which I do now and so many other new things because of my clients’ needs and wants.


Why do you think people should come to you for professional body treatment and spa?

Why they should come to me is that I actually consider myself to be the best! Because I have one-on-one relationship with my clients which makes them find it difficult to leave me, because I always listen to them. Even when they call me by 12 midnight; even when they know I’m married, I still answer and talk to them politely and whatever problem I can’t take care of, I could always recommend them to others that can do it.

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