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OUR IMPRESSION OF YES International! magazine @ 2


Dr. Leo Stan Ekeh (Business Man)

For me to fly down from Chicago this morning shows how much I respect YES! I love it when people want to break the barrier of poverty and do meaningful things. I’m not against partying because I do also, but this gives more to your soul. I wish YES International! Magazine more enablement and greater deeds.


Mr. Udeme Ufot (Business Man)


I knew it would surpass the first anniversary and I’m not disappointed at all because my expectations were met. Nice lecture. YES!  has done well for itself and I’m so happy about it. More of greater things ahead for them.

Portia Yamahan (Actress)
I think they have done well for themselves in just two years. With the caliber of people here, I’m impressed. I wish YES! greater heights always.

Uju Murphy (Business Woman)
Quite impressive! Looking at the aim and objective of celebrating with a lecture on a very important aspect of our lives, I’m happy about the choice. I wish YES! more good tidings.

Segun Arinze (Actor)
Azuh and his team have done well. This is the second year and you can see the tremendous achievements and the choice of people that have been called to grace this event. It is very encouraging and the lecture held everyone spell bound. I wish YES! more greater achievements in the future.
Tee A (Comedian)
It’s been awesome since they started and I know they mean real and good business. YES! stands out and has done well for itself in just two years. It’s been a massive achievement when you compare them with other soft sells. I wish YES! every good thing they wish themselves and more.

Taiwo Ajai-Lycett (Veteran Actress)

I was physically moved by the lecture. It seems as if I’m under entrepreneurship lecture for the first time in my life. YES! just showed how best to impart into other people’s lives and I’m so happy about this great feat. I wish them more sustainability in the years to come.
Essence (Singer)
It’s awesome. You would not believe it that YES! is just two years. It’s quite commendable what they have achieved so far. I wish they can continue like this because it’s very impressive.
Lagbaja (Singer)
Very inspiring and eventful. I think today is one of such days that I’m so happy to be associated with a brand like YES!
Prince Emeka Obasi (Publisher)
The fact that it was a lecture was very good, excellent. Very much of  such is needed in this society now because people appear to be confused. And coming from successful people like Dr. Leo Stan Ekeh, who is a role model, makes it a very good event and with many notable personalities, I’m highly impressed.

Alhaja Tai Elemosho-Okesanjo (Business Woman)
It was nice. The lecture by Dr. Leo Stan Ekeh was superb. I picked some purposeful and useful information from the lecture. YES! is very good; they write the truth and do journalism the way it should be done.

Sharon George (Business Woman)
It’s very lovely and wonderful. Dr. Leo Stan Ekeh is something else! I’ve learnt so many things from him today. I learnt that you don’t have to be in a hurry to achieve success, especially in business. Things are supposed to be done step by step and with time and that the most important thing is to know where you are coming from and where you are heading to. In just two years, it’s been lovely. I’m a reader of YES! and it’s been a great package since the last two years.

Chidi Mokeme (Actor)
Great! Great!! Great!!! I mean, it is a sign of good things to come and good decisions. We were there at the unveiling of YES International! and the first year anniversary. Now, it’s two years. I pray it would continue to grow from strength to strength. It’s been greater because they are here today to celebrate another anniversary. Azuh is doing a great job. We know his pedigree; he has come a long way, so we don’t expect anything less.

Yeni Anikulapo-Kuti (Business Woman)
You guys have done a great job and I expect you to keep it up. Just continue with the true, interesting and educative soft sell journal you have been and the sky would only be your starting point.

Mrs. Bridget Gbalekuma (Business Woman)
This is awesome! I left my place in Epe just to attend this event and I have not been disappointed. I think with the caliber of people at the event, it’s a great sign that you are meant to achieve more.

Senator (Comedian)
I rushed down here. I was held in traffic, but I knew my coming here would be worth all the stress and I really enjoyed myself. The lecture was out of this world and very inspiring. I wish YES! more greater achievements.

Hakeem Rahman (Actor)
What else do you expect from a magazine that has a clear vision? The vision and mission of the magazine were clearly spelt out from the beginning and they have kept to their words. It was the lecture from Dr. Leo Stan; I enjoyed every moment of it.

Mrs. Esther Ogedegbe (Business Woman)
Azuh was my class mate in school and I knew he would be great. I’m so happy because he represented well. Choosing to pursue one’s career is very encouraging and the lecture was one of its kinds. It was awesome and interesting. Just two years, YES! has done great and I wish them more greater things.

Bimbo Manuel (Actor)
For us to leave our work on a working day tells you we know the worth of this event. Great lecture series, nice arrangement and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Ebele The Flutist (Musician)
I’m so happy today for the opportunity given to me by YES! magazine. This is one of the high points of my musical career. Nice event, great lecture and I wish more of these greater things to come as you look forward to the third anniversary.

Saint Obi (Actor)


Azuh represents a symbol of true journalism and being associated with the brand has been great to me. You would not believe the magazine is just two years and it has gone ahead of its age. Great work, great lecture and I wish the brand great and mighty things to come.

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