It is indeed becoming the norm every year for men of God in Nigeria to work on their prophetic skills. As a matter of fact, the 2014 prophetic predictions from some of them are already generating controversies. Here are some of the hottest and their bearers.



Prophet Marcus Korede Tibetan is the Head Shepherd, Celestial Church of Christ, Nigeria and Dublin. He was tagged the “Oracle” in 1995 after an open-air crusade in Toronto, Canada. In his book, ‘Predictions 2014’, which he launched at his church’s headquarters in Ajegunle, Sango, on Sunday, December 22, 2013, Prophet Tibetan said:
–    President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will be the last united PDP president and…
–    The privatization of PHCN will fail.
–    The senate will pass a law on state police.
–    There will be windstorm in the months of August and September in Abia State.
–    There will be cabinet reshuffle before the end of the year.
–    A democrat, Joe Biden, will be the next elected US President.
–    Lagos State government should install CCTV cameras in Ajah, Mile 2, Mile 12 areas of the state, because between July and August 2014, something terrible may likely occur at Mile 12 and Ikorodu areas that will make Lagos to mourn for 3 days.
–    Book Haram will strike in Nigeria 10 times before July.
–    If care is not taken, before the next election, Babangida may…
–    We should pray that Stephen Keshi would not drop …  before the 2014 World Cup.
–    Mourinho won’t do well in Chelsea and Manchester City will win the Carling Cup.
The preacher who is regarded as the Nostradamus of our time had allegedly predicted the merger of CPC and ACN in 2013, the auto crash of Kogi governor, the death of Dame Patience Jonathan’s mother, the death of Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez and the disgraceful removal of Hafiz Abubakar Ringim as Inspector General of Police with time specifications in 2012. He also said that:
–    Gbenga Daniel may still go to jail.
–    Ex-Oyo Governor, Alao Akala may be visited with paralysis.
–    Amaechi is moving towards his …
–    APC will field a new candidate because Jonathan will not contest.
–    Fayemi will win Ekiti 2014 election, but the Chief of Staff may put Fayemi in trouble because …
–    Governor Aregbesola of Osun State may …
–    APC should give the governorship ticket to Epe people and the deputy to Badagry if they want to win the next election in Lagos State to appease these people.




Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye of The Redeemed Christian Church of God predicted that this year, contrary to popular belief, will determine the future of the country.
–    He said many people are of the opinion that 2015 would chart a new course for the nation.
But 2015 will be mere formality.
–    Major breakthroughs in medicine and science would be recorded.
–    He also asked for prayers against highly destructive storms and monumental fire outbreaks.




Pastor William F. Kumuyi of Deeper Christian Life Church predicted that the only way the country can make appreciable progress is when her leaders and followers deliberately take a stand to shun all evil practices and be holy.
–    He called on all Nigerians to shun avarice, corruption, all forms of immorality and pray for God to forgive our trespasses and turn from our evil ways; noting that the nation has been sufficiently endowed for greatness.
–    He urged Nigerians to be righteous without which, he argued, the country will not make appreciable progress.




olukoya_184532180.jpg w=600
Pastor Daniel Olukoya of Mountain of Fire and Miracles released a 30-point prediction for the year. Some of the highlights are:
–    2014 is a year of great revival.
–    A year of many questions but few answers.
–    A tough year for political leaders that are not standing straight.
–    Traders shall be chased out of the temple of God.
–    Strange hands shall conflict for many national flags and cause damage, among others.
–    He also asked for strong prayers to prevent companies from going bankrupt and to arrest earthquakes and famine in the New Year.




According to Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations:
–    Believers should be steadfast in faith despite the challenges that would arise. Afflictions are meant for our spiritual benefit. This New Year 2014 is not like any other year in the past. It is a year of crossing bridge. To cross the bridge, you need to grab onto faith.
–    This year is not going to be easy for the mighty ones.
–    Many of the mighty will fall. Pray for them.
–    The rich, famous and popular people – many will fall this 2014 because crossing the bridge is not going to be easy; they need God. Many of them believe it is their own making to be great in their own areas of expertise.
–    98% of businesses and companies owned by these people will suffer.
–    The airline industry would face multiple challenges, leading to an unprecedented rise in ticket prices, particularly African airlines. Joshua further declared 2014 to be a year of destiny for those who would follow the ways of the
–    Many people that are not known will arise by    destiny.
–    There will be a leadership tussle on who will lead and who will be presidential candidate in APC which will affect them as a political party. They should be vigilant. Many are with them in flesh, but not with them in spirit.
–    The ruling party, PDP, would ‘pay any price to unite’, but the issue of who would be the presidential candidate would cause challenges.
–    Many of the key leaders in political parties will go down in 2014. And when many key leaders go down with 2014, what will now happen in 2015?
–    Pray for 2015 to be fulfilled. The beginner is not the owner, but the finisher.
He added that 2014 would see a positive improvement in the area of corruption. “What will happen in 2014 will result in the correction of the corruption in Nigeria because many corrupt leaders will go down in 2014.”




The General Overseer of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries, aka Liberation City, Prophet (Dr) Chris Okafor, also called ‘oracle of God’ predicted that there would be bloodshed on Saturday, January 25, 2014.
–    Nigerians should be very sensitive to these prophecies and pray fervently to avert the disasters. There will be major bomb blasts in the country which will claim many lives. He added that these blasts will happen simultaneously, but warned that if the country can come together to pray, God might listen to their cries and avert the dangers.
–    Prophet Okafor also predicted that there would be a major air disaster in the early months of the year. This air crash, as he said, might claim the lives of many eminent Nigerians.
He then called on all stakeholders in the aviation industry to be alive in discharging their duties to correct the errors.
–    He also predicted that 2014 is a year of increase in all ramifications for those that believe and serve God diligently.
–    And that all those who labour on the right path will reap the fruits of their labour. In 2013, Prophet Okafor predicted the death of Nelson Mandela, the plane crash, Nigeria’s victory over Ethiopia during the World Cup qualifiers, amongst many others.


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