Sitting by the Ocean of Insight, on the Island of Victoria, I bring every couple the mind of the author of marriage in this dispensation where the marital institution is threatened by all kinds of vices that we have invented.
She was very sane and he was blown away by her beauty the first time he set his eyes on her. As a matter of fact, he was no longer normal after that first encounter that he vowed to do just everything to win her love. She played hard to get initially because her pride was at stake, but gradually she found the ideal man she had always longed for in him.
There were so many other ladies as there were several other guys asking for her hand in marriage, but in each other they found the world’s inseparable lovebirds. She was a marvel to behold and he lost himself each time he saw her take her strides at the height of her majesty.
She never desired another simply because he was a man who knew how to sweep a woman off her feet. She was the envy of all her colleagues because he supplied her needs according to his riches and provided care and warmth each time they were together. He never took offence at what would ordinarily offend him because perfect love never keeps a record of wrong.
It wasn’t difficult for her to accept his marital proposal because they were soul mates and the future looked so bright. No other woman every caught his attention. They were comfortable in each other’s company and there was no secret between them.
Now, their marriage is 3 years gone and the flames of love seem to have been extinguished by the fire fighting power of secrecy. They are still together, but emotionally apart. Gone were those jibes they used to throw at each other and now offence has become an everyday affair. The treadmill of love has stopped working and everyday has become so boring that the man is wondering what he actually saw in her in the first place. He complains at will and she nags consistently, comparing him with other men out there. They are on the verge of serving divorce papers and are already looking forward to their next marriages with some other people who seem to have given them the attention they desire at the moment. But none has been able to open up that which took them out from the original lovers they were to sworn enemies they have become – the force of ADULTERY.
Adultery as he puts it is a force that takes two adults from their originality and adulterates their content such that while their container looks the same, the content is no longer the same and as long as what is written on the container isn’t at par with the content, there can never be peace.
A wise king in ancient Israel said ‘Adultery is a brainless act, soul destroying and self destructive’. The truth about adultery is that it adulterates your life and your identity. Consider the following effects:
–    You lose credibility even with the person you are making out with
–    You reduce yourself to the level of the little girl you are sleeping with (have you ever considered what it means for that little  girl to call you ‘baby’)
–    You lose yourself and have to hide from your spouse
–    You start lying and begin to do what is not convenient
–    You waste a lot of resources
–    You battle with guilt as a woman and find it so hard to open up.
Consider who you used to be and who you have become at the moment. But you see, I have discovered that adultery has even gone beyond what it used to be because the level of adultery taking place via our Blackberry Messenger is out of this world. Let the marriage that is still standing take heed lest it falls. The moment you begin to share intimate thoughts with any opposite sex that you can’t share with your spouse, you are already being reconfigured into another person and adultery is already feasting with you.
It is time for us to get up from where we have fallen and return home…
Together, we shall build the most desirable marriages in the world. It is time to empty the content of adulteration and move back to our originality, which was the love we had when we first met.


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