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Now we know that money is not everything. Not even power. Not even influence. The reason being that the salacious story you are about to savour involves a woman who swims in affluence and has practically everything that money can buy. The only problem, however, is that because her husband is well advanced in age, he no longer takes care of his mandatory conjugal responsibilities and because of this, the woman, very pretty and dark and from the South South, now goes outside to do it.

As a matter of fact, what the woman does these days is to woo any man that catches her fancy. Her latest catch is the beautifully handsome Igbo dude who goes by the name of Klint. As good looking as the woman and with a height that is so unmistakable, their paths crossed inside the flight and since then it has been non-stop rocking.

A very good friend of the guy told YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine that the woman made the first move – which the guy later acquiesced to, after much talk. And right inside the flight, the romance began. But subtly. Now it is on another level, with the woman convincing the guy who used to be based abroad to relocate to Nigeria, with an assurance that he will lack nothing. True to her promise, as you read this, she has assisted the guy to open a security company on Victoria Island, Lagos. Not only that, she has also been swathing him with patronage, especially from all the companies where her retired and tired husband wields enormous influence.

And for their rendezvous, both of them normally journey abroad where they are not known. But usually separately to avoid being detected. The fouth alphabet is occupying a unique place in the life of this woman who doesn’t joke with her lover boy, and in spite of being a no-nonsense woman usually turns jelly at the sight and mention of the name of her gap-toothed and roguishly handsome younger lover. Besides the security business which she has been promoting secretly for her lover, spoiling him silly with expensive gifts is an everyday affair. And trust the lover boy, he’s lapping it up, thanking his God and also his destiny for this goldmine that he can’t seem to get enough of.

NB: First published January 2014

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