On Sunday, November 1, 2015, Lagos will be lit up for seven days in a myriad of colours as the unsurpassed spectacle of COSON Week 2015 is unleashed on Nigeria’s entertainment capital.  Nine months to the events, plans are already in top gear to ensure that each of the seven back-to-back events of COSON Week 2015 leaves Nigerian entertainment lovers with an unforgettable experience. On the upcoming mega shows, Chief Tony Okoroji, Chairman, Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), the nation’s sole music copyright collective management organization, said, “I give my word that from November 1 to 7, every event of COSON Week 2015 will be unforgettable. Everybody knows that at COSON, our word is our bond. There is no question that we are in a unique position to deliver unparalleled world class events. Think about it: Practically every major star shining in Nigerian music today is a member of COSON. We also have organizational and communications assets that no one else has. With respect to COSON Week 2015, we will deploy these assets to make Nigerians proud”. The celebrated former president of PMAN with a long standing reputation for creating and producing jaw-dropping shows added, “some people have expressed surprise that more than nine months to the shows, our fliers are already in circulation and we have begun burning the midnight oil. One of the keys to our success is that we are very detailed and professional. We take our time to plan and go through each plan over and over again. When it is time to execute, we are ready”. According Okoroji who is easily the best known advocate of intellectual property rights across Africa, “2015 has so far been a year of very tense political activities in Nigeria. People will likely remain tense through the May transition and beyond. With the activities of Boko Haram, the stress level in the country is unbelievable. We will use the events of COSON Week 2015 to significantly bring down the stress level in Nigeria. We will make our countrymen and women happy”. On what kind of support COSON needs to have a memorable COSON Week 2015, Okoroji said, “with the size of the different events we are planning and the significant cost, there is no doubt that we need strong sponsors and advertisers. We are creating unique platforms for those who are interested in the wide marketing of their products, brands or corporate identities and to engage the millions of entertainment lovers in Nigeria. The time for them to come on board is now so that they can have a long and rewarding ride with us on the never before witnessed communication onslaught that COSON Week 2015 will unleash. I guarantee that on every street in Lagos and every nook and cranny of Nigeria, the young and the old will feel the impact of COSON Week 2015”.

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