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The book, STEER YOUR FUTURE, by Ayodele Awi, is recommended. I believe that no matter the stage you are, the level or status you have attained, you still need to read it. While I was reading it, I came across some powerful and insightful information. And I need to use the steps he talked about in Chapter Four of the book, “Invest in Your Career”, for my CV.
In that chapter, he talked about how to build your brand online. He said, “Monitor your online presence so that potential employers won’t find anything derogatory about you.” That is so important. No matter what you do, don’t play away your future when you are online. It’s where the world has turned to now. I have seen people who have been employed just because of the way they presented themselves online.
Ayodele wrote this book last year and he said in one of the pages that “Being branded online may not be the cutting edge now, but it’s going to be in the next five years.” I will like to add that if you are still looking forward to that time before you start projecting yourself well online, it will be too late then. The time to start and get going is now! He is not saying and I am not saying that you should join the online world because everybody is there. No, but it’s just the way the world is looking at now. He also talked about how to stand out. “What you do differently is what makes you different, what makes you different is what makes you unique, what makes you unique are what makes you stand out”.
In the chapter, “LEARNING TO STAND OUT”, Ayo talked about the foundational skills you need to stand out. All the successful people I have met and I have read about all became successful using these principles on this page. Writing a resume is not a gift you are born with, it’s part of the important skills you should acquire to stand the better chance of getting a job.
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