As I was wondering how to begin these series, a young lad sent me a mail, telling me how frustrated he was not being able to get a visa for greener pastures abroad. To make matters worse, he came seeking help from the wrong source, for as far as am concerned, people like me will discourage him from leaving (exactly what I did), which eventually will make him more frustrated than he was when he came to me. For crying out loud, what makes some people think that nothing good will come out of our dear country, Nigeria?
That some few greedy individuals who accidentally stumbled into leadership positions have refused to do what is obtainable in every other part of the world does not mean that all hope is lost. I remember the words of Christopher Kolade, former Nigerian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom: “Those who quit Nigeria, saying Nigeria is unmanageable are quitting not because they were truly unable to cope, but because they have easier alternatives.”
It’s in this same country that individuals and corporate organizations are making a kill in whatever industry they found themselves. So, if they can do it in Nigeria, any other person can, if the right channel is followed. To prove that I know what am talking about, over the years, yours truly embarked on a research that will showcase Nigerians in all walks of life who have distinguished themselves in several professions.
I have often been criticized by some of my readers, who do not see anything good in using foreigners as case studies. But the truth is that irrespective of who or where the case studies are coming from; the principles are much the same. I mean, can anyone tell me that hard and smart work only exist in the Untied States of America? Or would anyone prove that staying focused is a foreign principle that will not work in this part of the world?
What makes some people succeed while others are wallowing in abject poverty? Why should individuals from the same school, tutored by the same persons, come out different in the outside world? Why should businesses and entrepreneurial outfits opened with big visions and much fun fare crash like a pack of cards within a very short time? When in a nearby street, others are booming and their owners smiling to the bank.
I am an evangelist of the Nigerian dream. And when some of my friends and I stated that Nigeria will be the most desirable nation to live in, in years to come, some people are still playing the doubting Thomas. But why not? Why shouldn’t we? If it could be any other country, it can be Nigeria. We are the people to make it happen.
The truth of the matter is that most people these days are in a hurry. Few are willing to pay the prize of greatness, yet many want to be great. I have written here some time ago that to make a change, you must be willing to pay a price. Men and women who have changed this world didn’t come about it overnight. Though they were rejected, the end product was always motivating them forward. What is it that God has placed in your hand today? That could be a surviving grace of someone somewhere.
Don’t expect to have the world carrying you shoulder high when you come about something new. It’s only you that sees it in your mind’s eye and only you can see it to its concluding end. Do not be caught wasting your valuable time with dream busters. They will always be around and you are doomed if you spend your energy proving to them that you can do it. Prove it by taking action.
Few are those who are born with silver spoons that make it to the top. Many, like the individuals to be highlighted here, are those who made it from nothing to something. These are individuals who against all odds got to the peak of their careers and are now role models and mentors to many up and coming Nigerians.
These Nigerians are those who I have personally followed over the years and have found worthy to be used as examples for those who need a road map to success. They have met my criteria and that of my research team. Many may not agree with me over the choices about to be showcased on this platform, but all the same, I’m doing these knowing that they indeed have proved themselves worthy ambassadors.
These individuals represent every industry. From healthcare, movie industry, entertainment, sports, NGO, manufacturing, academic, religion, banking, media, beauty industry, politics, etc. Yes, politics. Hold your breath till I unveil my Nigerian project personalities. Name them, you will find one pertaining to your choice of profession. These individuals are those who can hold their own anywhere in the world.
These individuals are leaders in their respective fields. Leadership is a subject very dear to my heart. A subject that is on the lips of every Nigerian. A subject any Nigerian can discuss with less stress. I keep imagining where Nigeria would’ve been if we could boast of good leadership.
These individuals are a bundle of creativity. They have succeeded to make things out of nothing. I am being tempted to mention a few names. What do you think? No way, I won’t let the cat out of the bag. It’s better leaving you guessing for now. But be rest assured, for you won’t be disappointed.
Before we get carried away with another thing, let me remind you the essence of these series. Though the personalities are very important in our project, greater attention should be on principles that got them to the top. Most of them were rejected, yet they overcame. Some were not given any chance of survival, yet today, they are icons.
It was not easy choosing these personalities. You and I know that Nigerians don’t document their experiences (in form of books) for research and case studies. So, gathering information on them was not an easy task. It took time, patience, perseverance, wisdom and prayers. Yes, prayers because I needed God’s grace for the project. No thanks to the current turn of events in our country where, individuals at the end of the day, turn out to be what they are not.
Tighten your sit belt because you are about to experience something that will take you to the next level. As we get along, if you have any individual who would’ve in one way or the other added value to the society, kindly reach out to me. The country and the world at large need their experience.
I need to thank all those who made valuable contributions to this project. To tell you the truth, it won’t have been easy doing it all alone. If it took me this number of years to get to this stage, maybe it would’ve been double the time if I went solo. Remember, two good heads are better than one.
So, dear reader, from the next edition, we are going to unveil these personalities. It will run for weeks and it promises to be an eye opener. Call the attention of your friends, colleagues and family members.
So, who is our first personality? Rev (Mrs.) Dele George. What about her? If I were you, part two of these series is a must. Keep a date.
To your success!

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