I have found myself in several meetings and conferences where I heard people share with me what they feel the President of their nation must do to turn the nation into the most desirable nation on earth. The only problem is that they have not been able to implement the same in their homes.
Even though the man as the head of the home was not elected, many may argue that democratic system of government may not work within the family system. However, I believe a kingdom system of government will work where even though the man is the king at home, he is actually a regent serving the will of God in his family. The only problem with this is that until a man fully knows God, He will still wear a cultural cap and interpret the word of God to satisfy his selfish interest.
Let’s draw a bit of parallel this morning and I hope you’d be able to call every member of your family together this week and begin to implement this:
God started the first family with a clear vision of dominion; what is your family vision and has it been communicated to everyone in the family? What kind of family do we want to build?
God is driven by values which are his words and He specified how He expects man to live; what are your family values and are they in alignment with your vision?
God has not changed and has led us by example by being a holy God and a God of integrity; how well have you led your family by example?
God is a king, but also a servant of all by watching out and serving us since creation; how well have you served your family?
God, even though He’s all powerful, never lords anything over man; are you a man/woman who never listens to anyone because you feel your word is law?
I think for us to start a new nation from our home, we all need to be dead to our cultural and traditional beliefs, especially the ones that don’t align with God’s words and become God’s man and woman all over again.
The creation of a new nation starts with your family and the truth about life is that a new nation is created when a family decides to take responsibility for a new way of living or a more truthful way of living. How many times have you held unto a concept whose origin you don’t know?
Often times we call it our culture without fact finding the origin of that culture because a culture can be based on lies and selfishness, depending on the interest of the founders of that culture. That is why a lot has changed about our culture right under our nose because of civilization. Only the truth will stand the test of time. Whatever a people believe about themselves over a period of time and live by suddenly becomes a culture and the most dangerous culture is the one that is interpreted by a man people respect, because if per chance what he’s teaching is erroneous, loads of people would live their lives based on that error without challenging it because of the perceived divinity of the person teaching it or how else do we explain that it was part of the culture of some people to kill twins at birth or to bury alive a child whose mother died at childbirth?
It was a culture for the Yoruba boys to prostrate as a form of respect to the elders while greeting while there was a taboo for women to go to work at some point because the men risked their lives for their families and provided 100% for their needs. How come some of these things have changed under our nose and we embraced it without taking to the streets to protest?
Same happens in religion because interpretation of scriptures for many is based on what is at stake and how it serves a particular interest and that is why we lift what appeals to us and turn our eyes away from the other parts. The question we will try and answer here is what is the truth about the family and how do we build a family that works without enslaving some members of the family because of a cultural or religious belief which may not actually be the truth?
How much of God can you know when all you have learnt about God was taught to you by a man who is not God and fallible? How much of womanhood can you know when all you have learnt about yourself was taught by a man who doesn’t really care about your interest?
May God open our eyes in this series to discover the truth and be free enough to build a family that can mirror the most desirable nation we all desire to see.
I honour you.
To be continued.

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