Like us, you must have also heard a lot or even much about Queen Ure Okezie, the delectable daughter of one time Minister of Agriculture, Chief JOJ Okezie. However, we can tell you this: some of those things are just not true. Not one to shy away from saying it as it is, Ure, an interesting character to be with, during a visit to our office recently, responded to all the stories that concern her. This is the first part. So, enjoy it, but expect more…


Queen-Ure-Okezie-423x6001What has been happening to Queen Ure Okezie?
I have been busy in the studio recording a lot of songs. And very soon, I will start the promotions. But presently, I’m promoting three of the tracks: A better place, Ndegele and I’ve found love. This has really taken much of my time, but it has been a success so far.


What has life been like outside the ministry?
Life outside the ministry has been fine. Like I said, I have been busy in the studio recording. In other words, let’s say I have been busy promoting the same message of the ministry through my music, even though I’m not directly working from the church. My music is more of the calling I received to work under the ministry.


What is the difference between ministering with songs and the one on the pulpit?
If you are called, you minister on the altar of God, but mostly as a musician, you can also minister without necessarily being called or being on the altar. The other one is secular, but you can still minister through it, even though you are not called by God. Both are actually working towards the same direction if their ultimate aim is to lift souls, win it for God and save the perishing ones.


Talking about calling, were you actually called by God?
Yes! I was called by God, but it didn’t occur to me on time.


Queen-Ure-OkezieCan you tell us how you were called?
This happened when I was in school. Then, we used to organize Christian ministry outreach through the help of some men of God. I never knew this was actually my calling until some years back and I decided not to disobey it, because it may be a chance for me to win souls and create an impact in this generation.


How do you feel abandoning your followers for your music career?
I have not abandoned them! Although we may not be together again as one body, we still worship in our different denominations which is still a Body of Christ. We have identified various other Bible believing churches that can uphold our Christian faith and have been doing well there. The most important thing is that the work of ministration continues, even from different angles.


What is makes good message?
A good message is the one that the minister of God passes to God’s children directly the way God said it, without mincing, adding or subtracting from it. It’s not adulterated to suit the minister’s style or needs as some men of God do. A good message must also contain the message of love, which is the teaching of the greatest commandment. A message of hope for the hopeless and assurance of a glorious end for all those that keep to God’s commandments.


After the collapse of your last marriages, has anyone shown you love again?
Yes! (Laughs). My family has shown me great love, which I can’t even quantify. They have been very supportive because I’m still one of them. God has also shown me greater love and He is the only reason why I’m here, laughing and enjoying myself and my career.


Considering your earlier experiences, will you give love and marriage another shot?
Why not? Definitely, I would. This world would be incomplete without love. We would continue to love until our dying days! That’s the essence of our existence now.


Ure-OkezieWhat do you actually desire in a man?
A man that’s honest. The one who knows the true meaning and definition of love; who is not fake and deceptive.


Are you saying these qualities were missing in your former relationships?
No, please. I don’t want to talk about that.

NB: First published September 2012

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