Nigeria’s National Telecommunications Carrier, Globacom, has launched a world class online entertainment portal for the enjoyment of its teeming subscribers across the country.

The portal, backed by a robust content aggregating platform tagged Glo Xcite, will offer customers the opportunity of downloading Games, High Resolution Pictures, Latest Music, Videos, Mobile Applications and other Entertainment-related content.

According to Globacom’s Chief Regional Marketing Officer, Mr. Ashok Israni, the portal was carefully developed to be a source of entertainment and excitement to the subscribers of the telecommunications company, especially the young and the young-at-heart.

“This is another solid reason for our teeming customers to feel proud and excited to remain with Globacom. Once you have access to the Internet through mobile devices or computers, there can be no dull moment for you on Glo Xcite, This is a One-Stop Shop for all that you need,” said Israni.

According to him, there is no limit to what subscribers can download at any point in time, adding that different charges apply to downloads for different services.

“Subscribers can download Pictures, Animations from N40 and Games, Applications, Videos and Latest Music from N50. All they need is to visit http://xcite.glo.com or text ‘GX’ to 50000 and they are free to download”.

According to Israni, the service can be accessed through Mobile Web as well as Normal Web. The customers can give out or share their favourite content with others. It also offers a unique feature of Free Video Preview which helps customers to know what they would be downloading.

Israni further explained that subscribers will have access to Glo Xcite content both by subscription as well as by ‘pay per download’ service.

“No matter what operating system your phone  runs on, you will be able to access this unique one-stop entertainment portal 24 hours of the day and every day of the week. The content has been carefully aggregated such that there is something for everyone. If you are not much of a music fan, you may love to stream exciting videos. If you don’t want any of those, you may see an application or widget that interests you, or you may want to keep up with the news, or grab a game. If you are not for any of these, there are loads of books you may want to check out. When we say there’s no dull moment with Glo Xcite, we know what we are talking about. So we urge everyone to visit Glo Xcite and join the fun,” he said.


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