On Sunday, May 31, 2015, at about 6:00pm, while we were showing the movie, God’s Not Dead in my church, Russell Wolfe, one of the producers of the movie gave up the ghost to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis at the age of 50. When I got the news on Monday, tears rolled down from my eyes, not because Wolfe died, but because of the impact the movie had on the people who watched it. On Tuesday, while editing my video at a friend’s studio, I told somebody about my video book reviews and he asked, “Are you Commercial or Regional?”
Without thinking about it, I said Regional. When I got home that night something told me that “You just stood for me”. I would have said Commercial, maybe the guy would give me advert because he works with an advert agency.
I was so proud to say Regional, not minding what I will be losing. We need to stand for God, no matter where we find ourselves.
Don’t deny God because of position, money or power. That is what the movie, God’s Not Dead is all about. It is a movie that will help you know your right with God and I believe the Holy Spirit will also use it to strengthen your faith in God. The movie is about a young college fresher who stood for God when his lecturer told them in the class to write on a white paper, ‘God’s Dead’. He told the lecturer that he can’t because he’s a Christian and he was told to prove to the class that ‘God’s not dead’. There is also a book titled God’s Not Dead by Rice Brooke. I have not read the book, but while the young guy in the movie was making his research, the book was part of what he used to define his agreement about the existence of God. I also did a video review of it and some of the people who watched the movie in my church talked about it. You can check it out here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xOdAWIP-0yk (www.youtube.com/tolubooks). It was not just about the guy and the lecturer, the movie also showed a successful young man who didn’t believe in God and somebody said “Sometimes the Devil allows people to live a life free of trouble, cause he doesn’t want them turning to God.” You need to see this movie, God’s Not Dead or read the book if you can get it. I will also love to read the book, so call me if you know where I can get it.

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