RUNNING AN EFFECTIVE FAMILY (7) – Fundamental truths


We are still on the third fundamental truth which says that the quality of your family system determines the quality of the society and ultimately the happiness of our world and recently, we started looking at some of the systems that should be visible in the world’s smallest nation – your family. We are still on introduction because we shall break each of these systems down, one after the other with time.
We stopped at the economic system and one thing that we must all clearly understand is the fact that no sane nation depends on a single resource like oil forever, same way you can’t depend on one person’s income for the rest of your life. Even countries with one natural resource have learnt to create a more secured future by using the proceeds from that resource to create other sources that have secured the future of her citizens. A typical example is United Arab Emirates that has since moved from crude oil into tourism and sports. The critical question you must ask in the economic system of your family is how secured is your family if the current source of your family earning dries up?
Domestic management systems – What system creates order in your home? Do you have a re-order level for everything you consume or you just respond to things without proper planning and orderliness? Do you know exactly where your matchbox is and is there a particular spot your keys and everything is kept? How easy is it to navigate your house in darkness without stumbling?
Health care system – Every sane country provides for the health care of her citizens which starts with the prevention of diseases through knowledge. Hippocrates once said ‘make your food your medicine and make your medicine your food’. Do you have adequate knowledge about what you eat or you just eat all sorts of junky canned stuff, fooling yourself that it is a sign of affluence? How healthy is your family or you have started raising obese kids who look like boardroom executives?
Family health care system is one of the most important aspects of any family system because it goes beyond physical health to check how healthy every other aspect of the family life is. For example, when was the last time you went for a marital checkup and who is your marital coach/doctor? I am amazed how we often assume everything is well with us until it is too late. I will deal with this at some point in this series, but will just focus on the physical health for now. How healthy is your family?
I have been to several schools lately and have become overly worried about the weight and size of many kids. They look like boardroom executives or what I call little CEOs. I am sure we consider obese to be a sign of good living in Africa, after all there is an adage in the Yoruba speaking part of Nigeria that says the man with pot belly is the one that is deserving of the cash, but I hope we don’t learn to swim when we are already drowning with time. Are you aware of the nutritional value of what you eat or the damage you are bringing on your health by what your affluence is purchasing? How fast are the fast foods you eat in fast tracking a healthy living for you?
Also in line with the health care system is your rest/vacation as well as physical exercise. But generally at the root of a family health care system is knowledge because it helps you know what not to eat and how to protect your family.
Entertainment and recreation systems – How do we unwind as a family and what is the best way to relax without violating the values we stand for? How do we also celebrate in a way that it doesn’t negatively affect our neighbours (especially the noise/traffic we might generate). It is shocking how sometimes our celebrations deprive others of their rest and comfort. Is your prayer/party loud enough to deprive someone who doesn’t believe in your beliefs his desired rest?
To be continued.

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