ACTOR ERNEST ASUZU BREAKS SILENCE: ‘I’M NOT MAD!’ + Obot Etuk came into my life to destroy me


Too many unpleasant stories – with none of them verified – have been swirling around handsome actor and singer, Ernest Asuzu, aka El Cream. You can therefore imagine our joy and happiness at YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine when we eventually tracked him down for a telephone interview on Wednesday, July 15, 2015 to hear from him. This was at exactly 8.33pm and after having discussed with him twice earlier that day.
Sounding okay, but worried by the incessant bad press he’s been attracting, the Arondizuogu, Imo State indigene responded to all our questions frankly. From his mental state to allegedly resorting to begging to survive, his romance with a much older colleague, Obot Etuk to what he does currently, everything was well taken care of. Enjoy…
Yeah! Finally, Ernest. So, where are you right now?

I’m in Warri now; I’m in Spring Garden Hotel in Warri (Delta State).


Doing what in Warri?
I’m just here because the man of God sent for me…


Which man of God is this; which man of God sent for you?
Okay, his name is Prophet Jeremiah O. Fufeyin of Mercy TV.


Why did he send for you?
Because they wrote something about me on the internet; they wrote that I’m now a beggar…


Are you a beggar?
I’m not a beggar, my brother. As a matter of fact, I just launched a new car.


Whaaooh! Congrats. What type of car did you launch?
Okay, I just launched an Acura Legend.


When exactly did you buy it?
I bought that car like 2 weeks before Prophet called me.


When did the Prophet call you?
The Prophet called me on the 6th of last month (June).


So, how much did you buy the car?
Ah! I can’t tell you how much I bought the car, but I bought it ‘expensively’.


Why are some people saying that you are not okay; that you have a mental challenge? We know you must have also heard that too or haven’t you…
My brother, I’m okay and it’s as simple as that. If they are saying that I’m not okay and my God has not said that, then that’s their funeral.


But something must have happened to necessitate such a negative, wicked and obnoxious talk?
Well, as a matter of fact, nothing has happened. It’s just because they do not understand the handiwork of God. You know this God we serve is a mysterious being. He blesses who He chooses to bless.


So, you are insisting that nothing is wrong with you and that you are mentally okay?
By the grace of God, nothing is wrong with me.


Now, why did you stop acting?
I didn’t stop acting. My last work was Erico…


When was Erico shot?
I did that movie last year, precisely last year.


What role did you play in it?
I played the role of Capon.


How much did they pay you for the role?
I can’t tell you how much they paid me, but they paid me well.


How is your marriage? Hope you are still with your wife?
I’m very, very married…


What’s your wife’s name again?
Don’t worry about that.


How many kids do you guys have now?
Where I come from, we don’t count kids…


But there are children, sha?

I’ve told you that we don’t count kids.


Why is your wife not here in Warri with you?
Forget about that, Azuh…


Okay, how about your music career? What happened to it?
My music career right now is blossoming.


Do you have any album out or you are working on something new?
It’s because of the devil. The devil has made it impossible for me to release an album. But as we speak right now, I have five completed albums.


What are the titles of the albums?
Okay, I remember the first one I did; the title is Destiny. Then, the second album I did is actually titled em…em…Let me remember, let me remember, let me remember…I can’t remember the title of that one again. The third one is You and I….


The fourth one, nko?
The fourth one is Na You, as in Jesus Na You.


The last one, the fifth?
The fifth one is called, the fifth one is actually called Where I Will Rather Be, and they are all gospel albums.


Some people have been insinuating that your current travails started because you dumped your former lover, Obot Etuk and treated her badly. In fact, they still say that once you appease her, everything will be okay. Do you agree with that and have you also heard that?
Yes, I’ve heard that. But the truth about that is that Obot came into my life to destroy me…


Haba! Why will she want to do that? Both of you were good lovers then…
Ah! I don’t know, my brother. But I’m carrying the light of God…


When did you see her last?
The last time I saw Obot was the last time I broke up with her.


What year was this?
I can’t really remember, but I think it’s in 2000…


They said you broke her heart and she cursed you; that, that is the genesis of your crisis…
(Laughs) – My brother, I did not break her heart. The truth is that when I broke up with her, I packed all the things she ever bought for me and I dropped them in her house because I didn’t want to have anything to do with her again, because I’ve given my life to Christ.


When you dropped all those things what happened?
I dropped everything in her house (in Festac Town, Lagos), she was not around and I took a bus to my house in Yaba. I have my family house in Yaba…


She didn’t get in touch with you?
She was begging me o! But I told her I was tired; that I didn’t want to continue living that sinful life again…


Have you gone to pacify her since walking away from her that way?
Pacify? Why should I pacify her? People have been telling me to do that, but I told them I can never do that. Where I come from is a royal family and we don’t pacify women. How can I pacify someone I’ve not done anything to? I did not do her any wrong. I’m the one that introduced Obot to Christ. I was the one that introduced her to Redeemed Christian Church of God…Before, she was going to Olumba Olumba…


But why would you date an older person in the first instance?
(Silence…Long silence…)


So, how is life now?
Life is very, very sweet, life is very, very good now. I’m living very large. I’m with Prophet Ososuyin.


Your parents and your friends, are they not worried about your current state?
They are okay. My father is gone, but my mother is still alive…


So, what’s your mother saying?
My mother is just a gentle woman. What can she do? It’s my life, and na me go decide.


How about your friends?
Ah! Everybody just said they are wishing me well.


Thanks for talking to YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine…
Thanks, Azuh. God bless you, God bless you…

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