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THE COMPROMISE, By Abiola Abidemi Olaoluwa


IMG-20150625-WA000I have seen regions and leaders give up their faith in front of temptations, sex, money, hunger, power, position and influence. I have also come across mothers who shut the door of love on their children because of freedom and we have millions of men who called their wives their sisters and even killed their kids to live in a world of wealth and power.
The story of a church boy from a good home who didn’t stand with what he had spent years learning from good people around him made me understand that no matter how long you spend in your comfort zone, if you have not stepped out, you will never know how capable you are in keeping to your standard .
This insightful story, THE COMPROMISE, by Abiola Abidemi Olaoluwa, will prepare your mind to know what you will face when you move outside of where you are called a king or queen; will show you how to get yourself ready for the test and examination from people and your environment. The book is a story of a young boy who gave up all he believed in because of one single act.
When I got to the point in the story where Femi said “I was seen by some of my colleagues as a brilliant student, that made me the toast of my department. I became famously known by that nickname, but I always felt uncomfortable whenever I hear it”. The nickname is “PASTOR”. At that stage for me, I knew he will lose his stand and he did.
Our give in does not happen immediately, it happens as you overlook little things that you might think do not matter. It’s not the big things that made you succeed or fail, they are the little things you do daily that amount to the outburst of celebration or disappointment you will have.
I believe you will want to step out of your good zone. This story book that is full of real life experience will be your road map to your dream world. Read it before you start anything and you will be courageous and bold to face anything that will come your way; you will not be like the young guy who chickened out in the face of challenges that could also trap you.
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