MY PAINS AND AGONIES AS ACTOR ERNEST ASUZU’S WIFE – Jennifer + It’s his enemies that are mad, not him


For the first time since they got married in 2010, and also ever since tale bearers started saturating the social media with all kinds of obnoxious stories about her husband, actor and singer, Ernest Asuzu’s wife, Jennifer, had refused to grant any interview or speak to the press. The whole thing, however, changed on Monday, July 27, 2015 when YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine’s AZUH ARINZE got her to do that. The strong woman who obviously loves her husband immeasurably and immensely even recounted how they met, fell in love and then all her pains and agonies – especially as they concern the rumour that her husband and the father of her children is not mentally okay. Hear her…


Jennifer AsuzuMadam, I will like to start by asking – what is your name?
My name is Mrs. Jennifer Asuzu.


What do you do or are you a full time house wife?
I’m a professional teacher, I teach.


Where specifically do you teach?
Yeah! In Lagos, in Alaka Estate (Surulere) to be precise. I teach in one of the private schools.


When did you guys get married?
We got married in 2010. Yeah! 2010. But we had been together long before we actually got married.


Have you got kids? How many children do you have?
Actually, my husband doesn’t like me discussing that. He wants anything about the family out of the media. Even when I walk on the road, people don’t know that I’m his wife. He wants anything about our family to be private and we are okay with that.


How did you meet?
Whaaooh! How did we meet? We met in Calabar. I can’t remember the year again, but we actually met in Calabar.


What attracted you to him?
(Laughs) – Ha! A lot. When I actually met Ernest, the first thing he said was ‘you are my wife’. Instead of the normal toasting, he was preaching to me. So, it’s the fear of God in him that actually attracted me. You also can’t take the handsomeness away from him. Yeah, he’s handsome, but it was that God-fearing nature of his that attracted me.


Have you heard about Obot Etuk before?
Of course, I’ve heard about her. Obot Etuk is not a new name attached to Ernest


Jennifer Asuzu 2So, what do you know about her? Your husband accused her of coming into his life to destroy him…Also, are you aware that they used to date?
My brother, I don’t think it is something I will be saying on the pages of a paper. She’s a lady that Ernest dated, but maybe the relationship didn’t end well. So…it’s a past history in his life and not something I want to be discussing.


Do you agree with Ernest that Obot came into his life to allegedly destroy him?
Yes, I do, I doBut the truth is that whatever anybody has destroyed, God is there to repair. God has the final say and not any man or woman.


People say his life has not been stable since both of them parted ways. Do you agree with that?
The truth is that talk is cheap, so people can say whatever they like. The truth also is that those who are related to him, they are the ones who know the truth. A lot of stories have been written about him that I don’t even read them anymore. This is the first time since this whole thing started that someone is interviewing us on the issue and Mr. Azuh, this is the truth, I really, really wish to thank you and also commend your professionalism. There’s a female journalist who came to interview him; the lady asked is he mad and he (Ernest) said to her, can you come close to a mad person? She said no. Can you ask a mad man question? She said no…And this is somebody’s father that they are talking about. But the truth is that God is on the throne, He knows about everything happening to Ernest, what has happened both physically and spiritually and He is there to set you free.


So, what you are saying in essence is that Ernest has no mental challenge?
My brother, will you advise your own sister to marry a mental person or somebody who is mad? That’s the answer to that question. It’s his enemies that are mad, not my husband.


As his wife, how do you feel about all these negative tales revolving around him, especially the mentally-disturbed angle?
Of course, I feel bad as human, but it’s only God that gives me strength. You know Ernest suffered stroke? He had partial stroke last year. The stroke came from nowhere. But my joy is that if you see him now, you won’t know. Well, any time I hear negative stories about him or read them, of a truth, I feel bad. I feel really, really bad.


How about the story that he was seen somewhere in Surulere (Lagos) begging people for money? Did you also see that one?
Of course, I read it. I was even the one that read it first on the internet and I showed it to him. I said look at what they’ve written about you again o! I read it


So, what’s your prayer for Ernest? What would you want to see happen to him?
Okay! What I want him to become or to happen to him is for God to continue to guide him spiritually. And secondly, that God should separate him from evil friends, from people that don’t wish him well. Let God separate him from evil friends, people who don’t wish him well. Then, thirdly, God should open more doors of opportunity for him as an artiste. God should continue to give him the grace to always be that good husband that he is – husband to his wife, father to his children and son to his own family. And lastly, God should not allow the spiritual fire He put in him to die. I have this strong belief that Ernest will end up a pastor.


Jennifer Asuzu 1What exactly are you doing in Warri?
You know they say you need more empowerment from God? We came down to Warri to revive our spiritual lives. Also, God’s deliverance and healing should never end in someone’s life. You have to revive it from time to time. So, we are with Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin of Mercyland Church in Warri, Delta State. He actually invited us; he invited us down to Warri.


When are you coming back to Lagos?
Emvery soon. Very soon. I don’t want to disclose that because he has a whole lot of stuff he wants to do in Lagos. I also want to use this opportunity to appreciate you again. You’ve proven that you are a true journalist. Also, I want to use this opportunity to appreciate some great men and women of God that have been praying for Ernest. First of all, Rev. Rachael Okim of Cheering News Ministry, Calabar; secondly, I want to also appreciate Pastor Okey of Believers International Ministry in Lagos; then Prophet Lenka Fire of Liberation Embassy in Festac, Lagos and also Prophet Oluwa Ife. Then, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin of Mercyland Church, Warri.


Lastly, you said you and Ernest met in Calabar, you also just thanked a pastor in Calabar, are you from Calabar?
No! I’m not from Calabar, but I went to the University of Calabar. I studied Education Administration and Planning at UNICAL. I’m from Bayelsa, the Urhobo speaking part. I’m from Ofoni.


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