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THE MAGIC, By Rhonda Byrne


the-magic-book-coverThere was a feeling that grew within me when I came across her new book, The Magic, just by touching it and paying close attention to the graphics. I had this unrest in my spirit that I had to drop every other book to read this one.
Little did I know that what I was about to read was something some of us  over looked and never really attached much importance to. The insight on how gratitude can turn your life around was what I discovered from this powerful book.
Even though I use the ‘The Magic of Gratitude’ as Rhonda called it in the book, I had never given it much importance until I came across it again. I have just read one chapter of the book and I can testify to the results the simple act of saying THANK YOU has brought to me.
Within three days of practicing  what  the chapter said about  saying ‘THANK YOU’ for every link you might have had, God has linked me up with great people that need my service. One Friday, before this post, I got an international call from the CEO of MEETOBIT.com telling me how he will like ToluBooks and his company to work together. That to me is big!
My brother who also read the book before I did also read a chapter in The Magic where the author said something about saying THANK YOU for every money you might have had. Just by thanking God for all the money he has had, some people called him to supply some of his products which brought more money to him in just three days.
There is an incredible attraction the book creates, that everybody who sees The Magic with me always wants to read it. It has essential ingredients that can inspire the lives of people who read the book. The Magic has twenty-eight astonishing chapters that will keep you admirable for the rest of your life.
I cannot talk about The Magic which is one of Rhonda Byrne’s books without recommending it for everybody; it’s a powerful and insightful book. Learn the power of gratitude from The Magic.

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