Nollywood actress, Cynthia Agholor, is indeed physically endowed. The Delta State born actress who has a Higher National Diploma, HND, in Marketing from Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State, spoke to YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine on why she parted ways with her erstwhile bosom friend, Cossy Orjiakor and other issues…


Cynthia AgholorWhat have you been up to lately?

I’ve been doing some stage drama because I have a flair for stage. We all practically started with stage and I’m involved in this big stage play that we are trying to present all over the African continent. It’s been very hectic and time consuming because stage is more work compared to the screen, where you can have as many cuts and play-overs as possible.


You have been in Nollywood for over 15 years how, has it been?

It’s been up and down. I thank God that today I can call myself a producer. The acting flair is still there, the industry is moving forward unlike when we started. Then, we did it for the love and fun of it, but today it has become a business and I thank God we have been able to rise from nothing to something and so, I’m impressed.


Why did you shift your love to stage performances?

Stage is the real thing. You are more serious when acting on stage. You play according to the rule; no cutting and it’s natural. Although there is so much stress in it. So, for leisure, I prefer TV, but for the love of acting, I love stage more than TV.


Have you thought about diverting to singing?

You know that there are some certain areas you are perfect in. Some probably felt they were better off as musicians, so they diverted into music. For me, I sing too, but I don’t see anything that would make me to become a musician, because I know I wouldn’t be very good at it. So, I will just concentrate on my acting and producing. I was an actress, I never thought I was going to produce, but today I’m a producer and I’m also doing a course on directing. Before you know it, I will turn to a director.


What is the best thing that acting has done for you?

It has given me all what I have today. You know I was in the industry when I went back to school to finish my studies.


Which school?

I went to Federal Polytechnic, Oko, in Anambra State. So, it was acting that got me into school, gave me a job to do and I’m getting paid for what I love doing. It has really helped my daily living.


What is it yet to do?

Well, it is yet to bring me millions, but I’m sure someday I will get to that level.


What is the most enjoyable thing about being an actress?

Maybe the fact that you get recognized everywhere you go; you get preferential treatment in some places like the embassies. Some people that know the value of some showbiz people don’t take you for granted; they treat you specially. I think these are some of the enjoyable things.


Nollywood-Actress-Cynthia-AgholorWhat is the worst thing you have ever heard about yourself?

I’ve heard a lot scandalous things about me that I have lost count. A lot! I’ve lost count. I can’t start mentioning them. They are all there on the internet, but I see them as one of those things; one of those challenges anybody in showbiz, especially the actresses, pass through and I can’t do anything about it or have the time to start telling the world that those stories are not true. So, I can’t pin point one as unimaginable because there are a lot of them.


At a time you were a very close friend of Cossy Orjiakor, what went wrong between you?

Cossy was my friend and you know in Lagos, friends stay with friends. It’s true that she stays with me once in a while and we were friends and we are still friends, but you know in life, friends sometimes quit and move on to higher things, different dimensions and businesses. Cossy is now like a musician while I’m still an actress. She has moved up to a higher position, doing her business. We hardly see, but that doesn’t mean that we are no longer friends. We still talk and call each other. I thank God for her life because she is doing very well now. We stayed together; we are involved in different forms of struggling for survival and it even got to the stage of “overstruggling” and that has paid her greatly because she even owns her own house now in Lagos. She has gotten to another level in life. Likewise myself. We are just like friends that progressed.


What is it that most people don’t know about you?

People think I’m flying! So, let me use this opportunity to tell everyone that Cynthia Agholor is actually not flying! I’m not a fly girl! I’m a very homely girl. Most people don’t know this, except my friends. I’m very, very homely. People do say Cynthia is sexy! I flaunt it because I love flaunting it, but inside me, I’m very, very homely and God fearing.


What is your unique selling point?

Maybe my figure! Because most times people tell me they like my figure, it’s fine and I want you tobla! bla! bla! I have been mostly troubled by people about my figure and face.


Where do you see yourself in a few years?

I see myself producing a block buster movie that will make impact in the world.

NB: First published May 2013

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