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MESSY SEX SCANDAL ROCKS LAGOS CHURCH – Pastor Accused Of Conducting Deliverance On A Naked Lady

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This, no doubt, is one story that no Christian will be proud of. Imagine a pastor asking a lady to take off her dress during deliverance!
Shocking? Well, it happened, and if you don’t mind, below are the incredible details. One of the pastor’s names is Adekanbi; his church is situated in Oshodi, Lagos and he belongs to the Baptist family. The lady in question, one Bunmi, was allegedly possessed by some evil spirits. And was brought to the church for deliverance. But instead of concentrating on the issue at stake, the pastor, whenever no one was around, will ask the lady to come to the back of the church, undress and under the guise of casting out the demons tormenting her, will begin to fondle, caress and even have sex with her. This unholy act went on for days until they were caught. Alarmed by their pastor’s action, some elders and youths in the church are now asking the man some questions: How could a man of God strip a girl before deliverance and what kind of deliverance could he have been performing? The church, of course, is currently in disarray. While some people want the man to abdicate the pulpit and his responsibilities, others are saying no; that nobody is above being tempted and used by the devil.
Surprisingly, the man had this to say when confronted: “It’s my enemies that are behind this…I never asked the girl to take off her clothes; her clothes fell off while we were doing deliverance. I swear, I didn’t touch her. Just give me some time; you will see that I will be vindicated”. The man, of course, had no concrete reason for conducting the deliverance alone as well as what he did when the clothes fell off. “Like I said, it’s my enemies that are behind this, but the truth will soon come out. I’m just being wickedly castigated by some people. The reason, I don’t know”.
Adding: “The lady in question has been invited here by them. She said I didn’t have sex with her, but only conducted the deliverance without her clothes on. So, I don’t know what else these people want from me. They should please, leave me alone”.

NB: First published September 2014

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