51wI+cmRu7L._SX309_BO1,204,203,200_There is a reason I am coming up with this unattractive issue that has ruined millions of homes, relationships and establishments. It is so important to many people because the ugly effect of it is cancerous in nature and if we don’t put an end to this unpleasant attitude, we will not even get better in our relationship with others.
I saw this 1993 exclusive interview Oprah Winfrey had with the late Michael Jackson after 14 years of not granting an interview to the media. He spoke a lot about his fear, happiness and how he cries after every performance. Don’t judge anybody you don’t know anything about, don’t believe all you read in the media.
Always try to get your stories from the right source, don’t go about saying things you hear from the third party. If you can’t confirm from the person involved, just keep mute on the news and face your own business.
Where I work now is a great place with brilliant people and one of the highest offences there is gossip. If you are caught, you lose your job. We have all said a lot of negative things about people, just like we all believe some crazy stuff about the late Michael Jackson. Get this right, I am not saying all what he did while alive was right.
There were some things he said during the interview that you will know are lies. I knew they were not true because I can see it in his eyes and the interviewer (Oprah Winfrey) also confirmed what I noticed.
My point is this: it’s time to start using your big mouth to turn your life around instead of using it to  evangelize toxic information that will not add value to your life or the lives of people around you. It’s time to turn to God’s mouthpiece and not the devil’s loud speaker. Your mouth is the most powerful thing you have. As small as it is, it can determine how the next fifty or hundred years of your life will be. You are what you say you are. I will advise you to get a copy of Me & My Big Mouth, by Joyce Meyer and learn how to use your mouth to create a beautiful life for yourself. Using the word of God at the right time will create result. It’s not by using your own words which is among the things the author shared in her book. The author also pointed out in the book how to use the word of God on any situation that might be confronting you. You will also learn from the book how to reverse any negative word that you might have said to yourself or the one said to you. Your words are so powerful that they go before you to create whatever you say.
You will enjoy Joyce Meyer’s simple use of words and how the author carefully explained each subtitles with stories of people around her and with her own personal examples. The book is meant to teach and motivate you on how to use your words rightly. I have five free copies of this book to give out to the first five people who will send me a mail ([email protected]) to tell me how their words have affected their lives negatively.

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