unnamedRobert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, sent a free eBook download link from one of his advisors, Andy Tanner, ‘Rat Race Escape Plan’, to me on Tuesday where the author spelt out ways you can ESCAPE from the RAT RACE that has held billions of people down from stepping into their destinies.
When he talked about the forces that keep people in the RAT RACE , you will not believe something like that would be keeping brilliant minds on this TREADMILL for years and I can also tell you that billions of people are moving into that same RACE.
Rat Race Escape Plan also explained how a lot of people are living on ACTIVE INCOME instead of PASSIVE INCOME. From my observation, most of the salary earners who work to get paid in order to pay their bills are not preparing for the future.
Andy also explained in one of the chapters why investing in stock may be the right method. He shared some basic principles that will help anybody who is interested in the stock market. Start small, earn flexible, no people skills needed, liquidity, leverage, agility and free practice are what will work for you in the industry no matter where you are.
While shedding light on the ‘No People Skills Needed’, he said “with other types of business and investing, some people get nervous because they don’t have the sales skills necessary to succeed. You don’t need that as a stock market investor. Anyone with average intelligence and a desire to learn can gain the right skills and strategies used by successful investors.”
Andy said this about Warren Buffett: he is widely regarded as the greatest investor of all time because virtually everything he touches turns to gold, which is as a result of his wealth of knowledge in investing in stock and companies. The author equally shared his personal experience on failures that will add to your success kit when going into the market where transition never stops.
In as much as I love this book and believe in everything the author said, you should also apply caution in whatever investment decision you are about to make. See your stock broker or a financial advisor in your area to help you kick start your journey on investment. You must also pray about it before you start.  Thanks.

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