We have told you about Dr. Reuben Abati’s surprise 50th birthday party, on Saturday, November 7, 2015, at Jevinik Restaurant, Isaac John Street, Ikeja GRA, Lagos. Now, here are some of the faces at the party as well as his love story with his wife, Omolara. The story is courtesy the woman…


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Abati 8I met my darling husband, Dr. Reuben Adeleye Abati, about seven years ago in the course of work. I was into the recording of a television programme which is yet to see the light of day for obvious reasons. The circumstances that brought us together should actually have torn us apart. I’d gone to his office, after taking a decision to feature him on ‘Greener Pastures’, one of the episodes of my television programme, only to meet a hostile Secretary. As fate would have it, Reuben intervened before his Secretary could dismiss me and my crew, apologized and eventually consented to attending a recording at the LTV subsequently. On the day of the recording, he turned up several hours late, after the studio had been shut. I was climbing up the roof in anger and was ready to give him the full length of my tongue when he turned up. But I was restrained by the Production Manager, Gbenga Adesanya, who insisted that Reuben should be given the VIP treatment.
Still, l let him know how so strongly I felt about his lateness and again, he not only apologized but also offered to buy members of the crew dinner that night. I consented and one thing led to the other thereafter. Phone numbers were exchanged and predictably, a relationship developed. Today, we are happily married with two lovely boys, Michael and Richard. I really can’t ask for a better husband. Reuben is a typical Yoruba man who respects and values the Yoruba ideals of marriage and family. He practically lives for his children and would always go the extra length to provide for and satisfy his immediate family. What else? He loves books. My husband is a voracious reader. He would rather you buy him a book than a designer shirt or shoes. He is passionate about books and never stops acquiring knowledge. He is a very inquisitive person. And if you get into an argument with him, please make sure you can think on your feet and you are intellectually sound. For, once he takes a decision on any issue, the only way you can get him to change his stance is for you to present a superior argument or logic. He is a very emotional person. Very reasonable too. A man who would give erring friends and associates a second, third and even fourth chance to make amends. His patience and capacity to analyse and understand the limitations of fellow humans is prodigious. Not to talk about his loyalty to friends and associates and to causes that he believes in. As a husband, only a thief would ask for more. I love this man. On behalf of our lovely kids, I wish you a happy Golden Jubilee.

…The best is yet to come, my darling.

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