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Maiden Unleash Your Talent winner, Olusegun Titilope Rachael, was in our office recently. And shared some of her plans and dreams with JULIET IKEOKWU. Enjoy…


TeeteeLet’s meet you…
My name is Olusegun Titilope Rachael. I’m from Osun State. I am a singer, I do R n B, pop, afro, etc. I love experimenting, I love meeting people, I am fun to be with and I am the first child. I attended different primary schools, but I graduated from Lateef Lamino Memorial Primary School. Momeraty Comprehensive College. Right now, I am an English student in University of Lagos.


How did your musical journey start?
Music has always been part of me. I started singing when I was very young. I will say that my environment influenced me. My mother also influenced me. It just showed up naturally. Right from time, I’ve always liked to sing.


So, what did your parents think about you being a musician?
At first, they were like no, you can’t be a musician. But when they saw the passion in me, they gave up and they are my number one fans now.


Are you scared or intimidated by the fact that the music industry is dominated by the male folks?
I don’t feel threatened, the industry is big and I don’t see entertainment as competition. You do your things the way you want to. No one is perfect, we are all trying and working towards perfection. I know what I am and who I am. I have the talent and I am confident in what I can do.


Which musician would you like to work with?
I will say 2Face, P-Square, Banky W, Flavour, etc.


Many people complain that so many songs released in Nigeria are just sound without content, what can you do  in order to be among those that write quality or evergreen music?
Actually, listening to good music makes a whole lot of sense. That’s why I say my favourite genre of music is R n B because Nigerians like beats. That’s why many artistes are dancing to their tune and giving them what they want. It’s not all about the artiste, because a writer will always like to give the audience what they want. All the same, we as artistes will try and work on the lyrics and send out good messages with our music.


How do you cope with pursing your music career and your education?
Getting my certificate has always been my plan, but I won’t put my music aside for any education and vice versa because both are important to me. So, I try to balance the equation by not letting irrelevant things distract me. I just put my head straight and let things happen. The two are special and mean a lot to me. It’s not easy, it’s quite challenging, but I try my best.


Are you in a relationship?
I don’t want to talk about my personal life. You will find out later.


So, how do you intend to take care of unwanted admirers without bruising their ego?
I am sure they are my fans first, so I try to make them realize that I’m just a person and can’t be every body’s girlfriend. I try to get along with them because they are my pillar. I can’t throw them away. I wouldn’t want them to think that I’m proud and arrogant. I stay friends with them.


You participated and eventually won the maiden edition of a talent hunt show four years ago, what was the experience like?
It was an awesome experience. I didn’t plan on going for that talent hunt show, but my people encouraged me to participate. Also the level of appreciation was great. The comments I got on social media helped me to move further.


Given the opportunity, would you participate in another reality show?
No! I am promoting my song and by the grace of God, I know I am a star already by trying to get to this level. So, I don’t think that I need those things anymore.


You just released a single entitled Ebelebe, how did you get the inspiration for the track?
It was a funny one. I was in the studio with my producer, free- styling and he just said Ebelebe and I said what is the meaning of Ebelebe and he told me the meaning and I was like wow! This is cool and that was it.


So, how can you describe the reception?
Actually, we uploaded it online on notjustok.com, too xclusive, etc. When people listen to the song, the comment is there. I haven’t seen any bad comment so far. It’s always good music, keep it up, promote it and you are there. Quite encouraging.


So, how has your participation in the reality show helped your career?
It’s always a good foundation, especially for those who are shy, that have the talent. But do not believe in themselves because of inferiority complex. It encourages; so it’s a good one. It really helped me and that’s why we are here today.


What did you get for winning the show?
It wasn’t all about the material things for me. For someone who knows where she is going, it was the season one. You know, when you are going up, like from the grass roots, you don’t gain much because they were just starting and gaining sponsorships. So, I wasn’t bothered about the fact that I won’t get vital things. What I was much concerned about was the fact that I was going to compete with the competitors. I wanted to be a success, not just material things. My focus was that once I become a success, definitely, I will achieve other things. At first money wasn’t there. But I wasn’t bothered about that. But I was given clothes to wear, free laundry for like a year and the opportunity to attend two to three shows.


Before you released your single, did you attach yourself to a musician or band to understudy them?
Yeah! I mingled with entertainers, not just musicians and I discovered many things about the industry and individuals as well. You know we have different people with different characters. So, I learnt how to tolerate, how to relate, the dos and don’ts. I also got shows that I performed, etc.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Being seen as a role model, influencing people positively, living an exemplary life, getting endorsed by companies like Glo, MTN and Dangote and also winning awards. Releasing and selling my album in large number. And winning Granny Awards. I think nobody has ever won that in Nigeria. So, that is part of my dream.


So, when will you release an RnB song because Ebelebe is a club banger?
I did Ebelebe because that’s what Nigerians want. A crazy kind of music and my kind of person, I do inspirational songs, rock and classic, but I am just trying to dance to their tune. But expect more from me.

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