Okoya and shade1Your husband is celebrating his 76th birthday today. So, tell us about him.
He is a wonderful man. He is kind, generous and is a fun man to be with. I have been married to him for 17 years. And I thank God for the journey so far. In my next world, I will still marry him. I wish him all the best today as he celebrates his 76th birthday. He will live long to be happy and to see all what he has worked for to the level and the height he has to take all his companies. He is trying and even what the new Eleganza Industrial City is doing now is like a dream come through for me and for him as well. So, I am really thankful to God that he is alive today and he will see many, many more years in good health. He is going to do much more than what he has done in the past. That, I am looking forward to, as well. So, I wish him all the very best. He is  a wonderful man, a loving father, a loving husband and everything put together.


No regrets being married to him?
No regrets at all. I am happily married to him. It’s been a wonderful journey so far. I wish to be with him for another 30-50 years together. That’s one of my prayers for our marriage and that God should grant him long life. So we can be together for a very long time.


shadeA lot of people have described him as a philanthropist, an industrialist. In your own word, how would you describe him?
Like I said earlier, he is the founder of Eleganza Group of Companies and now under that same umbrella, we have the Eleganza Industrial City, which was founded 3 years ago. So, it’s not different from all the Eleganzas you’ve known in the past. So, we have a lot of brand new items which we produce in the market. We try to service Nigeria as a whole and other West African countries. We have quality products. I can tell you, quality and better products, reasonable and at affordable prices. So, this is one of the things he enjoys doing and he likes working. God has given him the grace, the strength and the resources to be able to actualize his dreams. So, I am thankful to God for all the glory. He’s also the Chairman of RAO Properties Limited and so on. At his age, he has the passion to work and I am thankful to God that he gave him the strength to be able to do all the things he is doing.


People like your husband a lot, why?
My husband, I told you, is a loving man and people love him. They like to be around him. So, he is a gift from God, not just by his power and I am thankful to God that he is a loving man. People like him for who he is. I am very, very honoured that all our guests honoured us despite the short notice.

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