Marriage, YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine understands, is not a bed of roses. However, with these 50 simple and easy-to-apply tips, you can have your woman, the love of your life, eating practically from your palms all the days of her life…

1. Always communicate with her. Women love to talk and gist. They also love being listened to. Even when they are not making so much sense.

2. Treat her as important as you can. Confide in her, share your dreams and aspirations with her. Likewise your plans.

3. She is an emotional being. So, NEVER take her emotions for granted.

4. Protect her from your family members. Sometimes they could be her biggest ‘enemies’. Most especially, the over-zealous ones.

5. Correct her lovingly, tenderly and gently. You get better results that way.

6. Compliment her always – repeatedly tell her I LOVE YOU! Women cherish being lavished with compliments.

7. Forgive her whenever she offends you, especially after she has apologized.

8. Constantly tell her you are proud of her.

9. Always pray for her.

10. Make romantic outings part of your marital itinerary.

11. Make efforts to enjoy what she enjoys.

12. Assist her with house chores. Don’t allow her to kill herself with work overload.

13. Assist her with the children – tucking them into bed, bathing them, etc.

14. Cook for her whenever you can. Serve her tea on bed whenever you can as well.

15. Don’t take sides with the children against her.

16. Quit those habits of yours she doesn’t like.

17. Don’t be nasty to her relatives and family members. Love them.

18. Thank her for being MRS. YOU.

19. Unearth her sexual needs and preferences and ensure you satisfy them.

20. Mind what you say to her when angry.

21. NEVER, NEVER hit her.

22. Let her know whenever you are running late. Women quarrel with being stood up.

23. Even at work, always remember to call and also send her romantic text messages.

24. Once in a while, allow her to be with her close friends.

25. Master her moods and find a way round them.

26. Never forget her birthday, wedding anniversary, etc and get her memorable gifts.

27. Respect her opinions and contributions, no matter how silly they may seem.

28. Stop hammering on her weight gain and those stretch marks. Concentrate on her good qualities.

29. Belittle her not in the presence of anybody. Always scold her privately and with love.

30. Keep her secret, secret.

31. Get her that special gift that she has always desired.

32. Kissing her is a yes, yes…

33. Discover and eliminate her fears.

34. Plan for your future as one. Not two.

35. Don’t compare her to your ex or any of your friends’ wives.

36. Write her a poem, no matter how poorly written.

37. Have a pet name for her.

38. Always make her laugh.

39. Understand her physical limitations, and assist accordingly.

40. Brag about her in her absence.

41. Share her good attributes with those who will some day bring it to her notice.

42. On no condition must you tell her that you regret marrying her.

43. Never betray her trust.

44. Accept her the way she is and for who she is.

45. Tell her you can’t do without her. It will blow her mind and make her so happy.

46. Seek her opinion regularly.

47. Admit your mistakes and then apologize.

48. Buy her chocolates, cards, undies, jewellery, etc. Women love them.

49. Allow her to have her way sometimes.

50. Assist her with school runs, shopping, etc.

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