Upcoming artiste and fashion designer, Derick Ajibola, aka Jbryte, costumes a lot of celebrities, like Awilo, P-Square, Kaffy, Papi J and so on. He chatted with YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine at Domino, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos…



Can we meet you?
I am Derick Ajibola and my stage name is Jbryte. I am a singer. I do afro pop, reggae, dance hall, high life, hip hop…


What was growing up like for you?
Growing up was not that easy. Growing up in Lagos especially was not easy at all. There were challenges everywhere; either you grew on the mainland or island. So, everything in life has its own challenges.


Your latest track, Follow is really nice. What inspires your music?
Okay! Follow is a song that just happened one night with my friend and producer who happens to be a Ghananian with the name, Sandals Black. We were just in the studio one night, after coming back from a show with a couple of guys. I was tipsy and everyone was like your song is really banging in the club. Why not do something to it and my producer went to his seat and started mixing and cooking up the whole thing and before we knew it, we started free styling and Follow came in. There was a whole lot of crowd in the studio, but we were able to build something.


What defines your sense of fashion?
Sense of fashion? Basically, fashion has to do with style, personality and comfortability as well. If you are not comfortable, then it’s not fashion. So, basically, fashion has to do with style, composure, comfortability and more.


Who is your favourite designer here in the country and abroad?
Okay, I like Mai Atafo, Adeola Sagoe and who else? There are a whole lot of guys doing well out there. Well, I love this AY’s brother, Yomi Casual and internationally I like Mac Jacobs, Gucci and Tommy Hillfilger. He was the one I was looking up to when I started the fashion business and fashion side of me.


Who is your favourite shoe designer?
Hmmm! My favourite shoe designer? Okay, I don’t go with the trend (Laughs). Actually, I am not the type who does designers for my shoes. I just go for anything nice and sweet. I could see something nice by the road side and go for it, so far it looks good.



How do you deal with your fans? Female precisely.
(Laughs) It’s never easy for a male musician. They are the attraction we get. I wouldn’t call it distraction, but attraction. It’s something that has been happening. But my manager is really helping me out, making me not to get carried away and be disciplined.


What is your philosophy in life?
(Giggles) My philosophy of life is being self confident, smart, working with God on your side; other things are going to work well.


What is your view about the Nigerian music industry?
My view about the Nigerian music industry? Hmmm! If you look at the Nigerian music industry ten years back, it’s not what it is now. Everything has changed, a lot of private investors coming into the business and I feel we have not even started. The business is just growing. It is not yet an industry, but a business. We are all doing business. I think soon, we would see what we are doing and I believe the sky won’t be our limit, because we would be competing with the likes of USA, London, among others. They have been in the business for so long. We are still learning from them; we are getting there soon.


If you were not a musician, what would you be doing?
I had been an art person from primary school. I love art. I will not say I’m not an education person. I read a lot. I love reading. I remember back in the days in primary school, when a class was on Maths precisely, my mates were busy doing their work, I was busy sketching a cartoon of people with gun fighting. I never knew it was something that will turn to business or career for me, which is fashion designing. So, if I wasn’t a musician, I will properly be a footballer or a fashion designer.


What should we be expecting from Jbryte soon? Your plans for the future.
Yeah, first of all, the music project has already kicked off. Follow has been on air for three months now and the video has been shot and directed by Paul Gambit; scripted by Oluwagerald, P-Square’s choreographer and we are just on our way and the sky is our starting point. The video is going to be out in a few days’ time and more songs will follow.


Who is Oluwagerald to you?
He is my talent manager, he is the brand behind Jbryte.


Is he that good?
(Laughs) Yeah, he is.


Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
Five years? Waoh! Actually, emm…



Okay, five years is too much, two years’ time?
With the work we have done, the project going on, it’s been hectic and challenging and I have been seeing the result. Like working with the likes of P-Square, Flavour, Bracket and a lot more. Kaffy, Papi J, you know, working with all these A-list artistes is a big sign. It’s like I am seeing everything already, seeing my outfit on HipTV, Trace, Channel O, etc, and most of my clients are worldwide. As a musician and musically, I can’t project, but I know that the end of the year alone, something will show and I will tell you about what God has done.


Do you regard yourself as an upcomer?
Yes. Basically, I get that a lot that I am an upcoming artist. People that knew me when I started way back at the University of Lagos, they are like Jbryte, you call yourself an upcoming artist; some will be like forget that thing and others will be like I am. But for me, I’m a fast rising artiste. I mean, super star. So, not being there yet does not make me an upcoming artiste.


Do you plan having any collabo with any bigger artiste soon?
Yes, I already worked on some. The likes of Seriki, and it’s dropping next minute. I still plan working with Cynthia Morgan, Diamond, Awilo, P-Square, Flavour, Lolaray, Tiwa Savage and more. So many collaborations coming up soon. Lest I forget, Burna Boy as well.


Last word for your fans, your message to them.
My message to my fans is that they should just keep supporting the brand, Jbryte. Don’t give up on me and I won’t let you down and keep God as the first thing in your life and in everything you do. Jbryte loves you all.

NB: First published April 2015


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