It was the convocation ceremony of one of the leading institutions in the country and I had been invited to celebrate with a senior friend whose daughter was graduating with other students. The setting was grandiose as everyone turned out in their best outfit. From family members to the graduating students themselves it was a fashion show of sort as the drums were rolled out to celebrate these students because some of them had done more than the required years no thanks to all kinds of self induced break in academic calendar. I was in my celebration mode and was really prepared to enjoy myself to the fullest as I hardly ever get the chance to unwind but all that changed with a comment from one guy who was talking to another student about some of the graduating girls and here was what he said.

‘Anyone that sees all these girls well dressed would think they were proper human beings but when you see them at night in their true colour you will weep for their parents because… many of them slept their way through school and spent more time with Aristos than their studies. I used to organize them for politicians and top executives in my first 3years but had to stop when one of them didn’t return from one of the trips’ he concluded.
Although I was there to celebrate but his statement was the end of the celebration for me because it brought me back to my work mode and I spontaneously decided to interview some students who were present at the convocation and the good thing for me was that there were quite a number of them from other institutions and that really helped in getting to discover the decadence in most of our institutions. While I made my way to speak to the first student I wanted to interview my mind rolled back to our campus was when I was in school and how times have really changed. It wasn’t that we didn’t have ladies who were ‘doing runs’ but they made out more with fellow students and maybe a few of them were having affairs with married men but it appears it is the in thing in a lot of schools at the moment and that includes our religious institutions as well.

My mind raced to my trip to one of the leading institutions in one of the O states in the southern part of the country and how I was sharing with the students about how organizations have started turning down certificates from the school. I said ‘It is sad that some of the ladies in your school can go as low as N2000 for sex’ little did I know my statement wasn’t correct because the students almost brought down the roof of the auditorium with chants of ‘Okada and N500’. I thought I had infuriated the students and was scared for my life only for my host who was presiding over one of the groups in the school walked up to me and whispered that in that schools girls go for as low as N500 and some of them even pay for their ‘Okada’ fare with sex. It was one of the shocking moments of my life and I kept thinking about my experience only for my driver to confirm what the students were saying by telling me he once had a lady from that school that he dated for 3years.
Back to my convocation interview I spoke to a couple of students and I asked all of them the same question about the moral decadence in our institutions and their responses are below:
‘Well I don’t really have so much to say because it is already a part of our lives and that is what girls do to survive. It is called runs and I think you should go and address the fathers who come to pick our girls because they are to blame. Now a lot of our girls don’t even want to date anyone on campus’

Olakunle(not real names)
‘Hmmm it is a funny question sir because it is the in thing o. I know more than 20 of the girls graduating today who travelled regularly with top politicians. You don’t see them in school every weekend and by the time they get back to campus they come in with expensive jewelries. Make I no lie you sir na prostitutes we dey graduate for this school’

‘This is a question you should direct to the government because you can’t blame our girls for doing runs because it is their way of getting their share of the national cake from our leaders but it is very bad in my school here that I vowed never to marry any girl from this school. It is like the various halls are trying hard to outdo one another and it is even worse with the guys because many are becoming gay’

‘My school is a very strict religious school where we are not allowed to use cell phones and others but I can tell you that many of our girls are worse than public institution babes because I know quite a number of them who sleep with guards to find their way out of school unnoticed by the school authorities and it is shocking what we do during holidays. The other day one of my friends had a quick one at the gents in a popular hotel for N5000 and had the gut to come back and share the gist in our room. I am really ashamed of myself as her friend but it is sad that the school authority has got no clue about the reality on ground’

To be continued
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NB: First published October 2012

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