Oge Isichei Andrew, aka O-gee, is a budding act. But determined to go very, very far in his career. He was at YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine’s office recently where he chatted with us. Excerpts…


ogeeLet’s start by a way of introduction. Can you tell us about yourself?
My name is Oge Isichei Andrew, but my stage name is O-gee. I hail from Delta State, Aniocha South local government area, from Ubulu-Uku precisely. I am from a family of six, first son of the family, from a polygamous family, coming from the second wife.


Tell us some of the schools you attended.
I attended Beshabamiz Secondary School.


It’s located in Ubulu-Uku, in Aniocha South local government area. I was born and bred in Ubulu-Uku, but I’m not originally from there. For my higher institution learning, I went to Federal Polytechnic in Nekede, Imo State where I finished with a HND in Estate Management.


The interest in music, where did it start?
It started way back; when I was a kid, growing up in a Christian family. I went to church and I joined the choir and it was there I started learning how to play the instrument. The first instrument I learned to play was the band, then the guitar. Then, I started performing in church and going to perform in shows. Back in Ubulu-Uku, I started performing live with a live band at occasions.


As the first son in your family, when you indicated interest in music, how did your parents take it?
To be sincere, as of now that I am speaking to you, I still haven’t informed them. I know they might or would have heard it from someone that O-gee is into music, but to them, I’m still doing my training. Because I was sent for a training after my course, but after the training, I had to leave and concentrate on my music career because music is appealing to me. Most times, when I am alone, I sing, write, but when I got admission into school, I had to put a pause on music to focus on my education. And after my schooling I came back to music.


So, what kind of music do you do?
I do Afro-hip music.


Do you have any album now or some songs that you have recorded already?
Yes, I have.


Can you tell us about them?
I have three songs on air right now. But basically, I have 12 songs. I have only dropped Nwanyi Oma, featuring Wizboy; Thank God, featuring Mister 2Kay and the most recent one featuring Orisha Femi, Ifechukude, aka Collect.


What distinguishes you from the other musicians?
One major difference between me and the other musicians is that my music teaches. It’s all about life and what’s going on in life. I pick up things when I’m discussing with friends and when I get home, I put them down into writing and make use of them in the studio.


Who are the musicians that you look up to and that you like what they are doing?
I love so many musicians in Nigeria, but one musician I can mention is 2Face. I love him and would like to work with him one day.


Why are your songs in Igbo?
What you are saying is real. I use both Igbo and English. That is why I call it afro.


What makes a good music?
A good music is the combination of sounds. If you play the guitar, drum, keyboard well, the combination is good music.


What do you like most about being a musician?
What I like most about being a musician is the joy I derive from making music. I derive joy each time I am in the studio.


What don’t you like about showbiz?
One of the things I don’t like about showbiz is that when you don’t have finances, you are going nowhere. Without that money in your pocket, you can’t finance your job. Take for example, promotions.


Most artistes have one or two vices that they are battling with, which of the vices are you into?
(Laughs) If you are talking about drinking and smoking, on a good day, I can get a little tipsy, but on the part of smoking, I stay away from it. I drink, but moderately.


There are some artistes too that womanize. Are you a womanizer?
Womanizer? No, I am not.


So, you have a girlfriend?
Yes, I have a girlfriend.


Would you like to tell us about her?
No, no, no, no!


I have a girlfriend, but I don’t have to talk about everything here.


Okay, what are your likes and dislikes about life?
Well, one thing I love the most is sincerity. When I work with people who are sincere with me, I find it very easy moving with them.


What don’t you like?
Lies, hatred and insincerity.


What are your hobbies, the things you do when you are not singing, in your spare time?
I do sports. I play football, table tennis. I love football a lot. During the weekend usually, I come out on the street to play ball.


Being into music, what are your dreams, what are you aspiring towards?
I aspire going further with my music, featuring international artistes, going global.


Why should I buy your music?
You have to because even kids like my songs. When they play my song on my street, all the kids are happy and dancing to it.


What about the other streets?
That’s why I am pushing it harder to other streets, not only my street, so that everybody can hear my songs.

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