The various manifestations of sleaze in educational institutions in the country is the slice of life examined in the third edition of Professor Johnbull, the Globacom sponsored TV drama series broadcast on Tuesday night on NTA Network, NTA International and Startimes.
The third episode of the TV drama series titled “Sorting Things” began with a riotous dialogue between Abednego, the recharge card seller and the peripatetic Janet Jumoke which incurred the wrath of Professor Johnbull who gave them a lecture on good neghbourliness in Government Reserved Areas in his inimitable bombastic manner.
The opening scene was followed by a tryst between Janet Jumoke, Elizabeth and Caro during which Janet Jumoke sought to know the cream and aerobic exercise preferred by Professor Johnbull’s daughter, Elizabeth. Janet Jumoke exhibited the mannerism of fake ladies pretending to be “tush” with funny accents and euphemisms like saying “I need to do the biiig one” rather than simply saying she wanted to “go to the toilet.”
In the next scene, the ambulant Janet Jumoke butts in on a teaching session where Carol, Professor Johnbull’s maid was learning English Grammar and made fun of Caro’s ludicrous efforts resulting in fisticuffs. Adjudicating on the tiff, Professor Johnbull ruled that Caro should receive tutorials from Janet Jumoke whom she beats up.
Flash, the University student acted by Stephen Odingba taught Caro the principle of “sorting” by allowing her to watch how he gave money to one of his lecturers, Professor Gozie acted by Chiwetalu Agu who directed students to pay N20,000 each into his “ministry.” Flash tried to play smart by offering him N5,000 which Professor Gozie regarded as an insult and rejected, threatening to drive off and Flash begged him to receive the money so that he passes his course.
In an indicative manner, Janet Jumoke reported Caro to Professor Johnbull for bribing her, which made the professor to ask “who taught you this evil?” Professor Johnbull and his voluble daughter roundly condemned the practice of “sorting” in strong words using adjectives like “crass corruptibility”, “contextual plagiarism”, ”national misdemeanor” and “intellectual piriri- pararam”.
Rounding off the episode, Professor Johnbull who claimed to have written a petition reporting Professor Gozie to the Senate of the University, highlighted the inimical effects of “sorting” on the society and asked everybody to join the fight against corruption in the ivory tower.

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