Again, Dreg Waters Petroleum and Logistics Limited blazed the trail as a top-notch oil servicing company just as it prepares to showcase its services at the 2016 Africa Oil Week holding in Cape Town, South Africa come October 31-November 4, 2016.
Securing a booth at the 23rd Africa Oil Week, not only stamps Dreg Waters Petroleum and Logistics Limited as the leading go-to company for documentations and timely approvals of oil licenses, it emphasises its resolve to emerge a global brand. According to the Chief Executive Officer, Damilola Owolabi, Dreg Waters Petroleum has secured a corporate booth alongside several industry giants across the globe and it will render same services it is known for in Nigeria to other stakeholders from other parts of the continent.
“This is not our first time at the Africa Oil Week and we are delighted to have secured a booth again in 2016. Converging on Cape Town alongside Oil and Gas giants is a privilege and we are ready to go the whole hog in living up to our name. We have been allocated Booth 70 at AOW and the company will have its full details of services available to review on its corporate stand. As usual, we are storming Cape Town with our senior executive officers who will delightfully provide information and advice on which services best suit companies from any part of Africa.”
“Moreover, we are including our turf, which is facilitating and securing oil licences, permits and approvals for clients. It’s a passion that has translated to delivering the best services in this industry and the company has effectively progressed from servicing to servitisation of the Nigerian shipping, oil & gas industry,” she said.
The Africa Oil Week (AOW) is the premier international oil and gas event for Sub-Saharan and Maghreb-North Africa; it is the flagship Africa Upstream conference that has long-pioneered, and continues to shape, the consolidation of strategy and technical geo-science knowledge on the continent’s oil and gas, and for shaping portfolio in Africa and the wider exploration world.
Organised by Global Pacific and Partners, and ITE Group Plc, the 23rd edition of AOW will be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, South Africa from October 31 to November 4, 2016. This event showcases products in or on the continent for its fast-growing oil, gas-LNG and energy industry etc. in the Petroleum, Oil & Gas industry.
The 2016 edition is set to showcase Africa’s Governments, national oil companies, licensing agencies and corporate players shaping the continent’s future in exploration and production/development, across new frontiers and established basins, with extensive high-level senior executive networking for securing new venture possibilities and finance/investment opportunities.  

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