Sandra Ifeoma Achums is pretty, fair and fantastic. She was at some point one of the hottest actresses we had in Nollywood. Before marriage and other things took her off the scene. She shared the story of how it all began with AZUH ARINZE…


sandra-achums-germanyCan you describe yourself?

Of course, I can! Sandra is an amiable, sociable and homely person. Sandra is also a good girl.


What a description! Your incursion into acting, may we know when and how it actually began?

It started in 1994. My first works were Deadly Affair and Fatal Desire. My interest in acting started during those days of Ripples. I so much liked the antics and mannerisms of the actors and actresses that I kept saying to myself: I want to be there one day. I was also very funny and used to crack a lot of jokes at home. And it was like everybody was now saying why not go into this full time? I told one of my friends, Susan Wayas, from Equatorial Guinea, about it and she took me to Zeb Ejiro. She knew Zeb when they were still in Equatorial Guinea. We got talking, later I was auditioned. I scaled that and from there I got my first role which was in Fatal Desire. At about this time also, I attended another audition at Opa Williams’ office for a T.V programme, Cuisine International. I wasn’t so lucky this time, but Opa still got in touch with me later and that was how I got a role in Deadly Affair 1. And from there, I started growing.


You are really growing indeed. You have done quite a number of jobs. Is there any one that gives you special joy, maybe as a favourite?

Yes. Deadly Affair does. And that is because it was my first, yet it came out fine in spite of my stage fright as an amateur then; it was also challenging because I played the role of a Yoruba girl. It was not easy, but I still love it.


Okay, what about your worst performance so far?

None. I always try as much as possible to give all my roles my best. But that is not to say that while sitting at home later, watching the movies, you don’t get to see one or two mistakes or things you could have done better.


What are your views on the industry generally?

The industry has really grown compared to what it was when we started.  People now earn more. We have also started reaping bountifully, especially with the coming of the marketers. The industry has also grown technically, artistically and otherwise.


Was there any actor or actress that you were admiring prior to coming into the industry. Maybe a role model?

Liz Benson. I used to admire her a lot, especially during the days of Fortune.  I still admire her.


What kind of meals appeal to you most? 

I like Chinese food, vegetables, edika ikong and chicken and chips.


What about your favourite colours?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

I like blue, sky blue, white, pink and I like black.


What about music?

I like rap, I like R & B, I like raga.


Do you have any regret in life?



Can you remember your happiest day(s)?

(Thinks). Yes, yes…I have lots of them. One is when I did my first movie. Seeing myself on the screen for the first time really thrilled me. I don’t think I will ever forget that day.


What about your saddest day?

None. I see anything that happens to me as how God wants it. I give glory to God no matter what.


Lately, there has been a rumour about lesbians and co., taking over the industry. May we have your opinion on that?

Just like everybody, me too read about it in the papers. I don’t think I know any of them or have even come across them.


What was your childhood like?

It was okay. I have always lived all my life with my parents.


sandra-achums-in-germanyCan we take a peep into your background?

I am the third born in a family of six, three boys and three girls. I have an elder brother and an elder sister. My parents are Godson and Felicia Achums. We come from Eziama-Obiatu in Mbaitoli LGA of Imo State. I attended Ilasamaja Primary School and Isolo Secondary School (both in Lagos). I have a diploma in Computer Studies.


Your plans to go into acting, did it receive any mixed feelings from your parents?

Yes, especially from my mother. She almost restrained me from acting. Though, she later gave me her blessings. At first, it was like if you go into acting, people will brand you a wayward person. Some will even see you in the light of some of your bad roles. Thank God she changed her mind or I wouldn’t have been here today.


Are actresses really wayward?

They are not, but the truth is that in every twelve, there must be a Judas. So, what I’m saying in essence is that there must be a black sheep in every gathering.


Finally, what do we tell your fans?

Tell them I say they have been very supportive. I owe them everything because without them there wouldn’t be me. Tell them that I also love them. And that they should keep patronizing my works. That I won’t let them down.

NB: This interview had earlier been published

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