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Sex in the city: Your Child And Sex, By Praise Fowowe


It is a great day and another time to share with you as we seek to rid our world of child predators and create a family system that supports the best interest of every child.
Parenting Hub was a huge success and we are grateful to God for the several discoveries during the sessions.
A few years ago, news broke about one of BBC’s finest music presenters, Jimmy Savile and his activities as a pedophile. As at the last count, over 300 people had come forward to talk about their sexual molestation in the hands of the presenter who died last year. How he went on for so many years without the parents of the victims and even BBC discovering his atrocities still beats my imagination. However, it is a pointer to the fact that predators are everywhere.
I ran a series on my Friday This Day Newspaper column in Nigeria 2 years ago on sex among 6 year olds in Nigeria and got calls from parents across the country sharing their experiences with me. Unfortunately, many parents live in sheer ignorance, thinking ‘my child is too small’. That your child can sing a song you never taught him at home is an indicator that there could be other information he/she may have been exposed to.
It is my desire and prayer that this series will spark a revolution across the continents of the world because the age of sexual initiation in my country Nigeria has unofficially dropped to 7 years, with many more children being sexually molested.
How come platonic friendship has been replaced with friends with benefits? Since when has Manchester become female breast or Liverpool become vagina?
How come school father and son in our boarding houses have been replaced with ‘Fuckarama’, yet we keep dancing and moving on as if all is well.
Who is touching your child?
The strength of the sex predator is the ignorance of your child and the easiest way to beat the predator is to empower your child with basic sexuality education. What have you taught your child about his sexuality?
I will share a few tips with you on how to empower your child against predators, but you may want to order for our basic sexuality education kit which contains what to teach your child about sex from 18 months to 18 years.
The predator is not more powerful than us; our unwillingness to empower every child is the reason more kids are being messed up.
What can happen if every child around us is effectively empowered against the predator?
Together, we can checkmate sex predators and create a world that is safe for our children to live in.
I honour you.


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