Justina (9) was left alone with her lesson teacher because her mum needed to pick up some groceries (not advisable) which should take less than 15 minutes.
Mr. Peter is well known and trusted by the family, having worked as a lesson teacher for 7years with the family.
As she stepped out of the house, Mr. Peter suddenly stood up and started acting funny, telling Justina about how there is a secret saxophone she must learn to play, but for her to learn how to play this saxophone she must promise never to inform anyone.
Justina being a music lover jumped up in excitement, but having gone through our global heroes child empowerment sessions, she knew something was wrong with the condition Mr. Peter was giving her.
Mr. Peter drew her close, brought out his penis and asked her to attempt to blow it. Justina moved away with so much confidence and told him point blank:
“Mr. Peter, don’t you know the difference between a private and public part? Are you a predator? In case you don’t know, your private part is meant for you alone and should not go public except you have started selling initial public offer, so keep your private parts private before I start screaming”.
The man was stunned and started begging her not to tell anyone. Justina promised him she wasn’t going to tell anyone (part of the negotiation tactics we taught her), but the moment her mother came in she goes:
“Mummy, Mr. Peter has a private saxophone he wants small girls to play. He just showed me while you stepped out. Please, let’s have him show both of us”.
The mum couldn’t believe her ears. Immediately, she called the police and got him arrested, but she was so full of joy and put a call through to me to appreciate all we taught her child during the 3-month session.
Guess what? Her daughter was empowered against the predator with 30k in 3 months, but for 20k/annum you can do the same and empower your child against sex predators in 12 months.
CHILD POWER CHALLENGE kicks off on February 1st, 2017
52 weeks of parent to child bonding experience right in your home.
To subscribe, kindly use this link, www.iampraisefowowe.com/childpowerprogram.
The lovely thing about this program is that those that have received their package are already giving us a feedback about how cheap it is because some of the materials you will receive will actually make you wonder what you paid for, because it is a ‘steal’, but a duty we owe our generation and we won’t rest till every child is empowered to kick out sex predators.
Together, we can kick out child sexual abuse .
I honour you.


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