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Motivational (28/2/17): Great Thoughts Great Works, By Sam Adeyemi



I strongly believe that great works are a product of great thoughts.

One of the ways to infuse our minds with great thoughts is by rubbing minds with great people via their messages.

This is what happened to Bassey a member of the level 2 on my coaching programme. Take a look.

“My Mentor Sam stirred me up when I read the Step 2 of Simple Steps to Financial Abundance titled: “Have Something to Sell”. Honestly since then, my approach to life has changed. I am knowledgeable in the production of UPVC pipes and maintenance of the machine. So instead of looking for a job, I have launched out. Now, I have met an investor that is ready to partner with me in the business. ”- Bassey

Wow! Bassey was looking for a job whereas he had the potential to be a business owner.

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To your success!

Sam Adeyemi

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