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Sex In The City: Your Child And Sex (II), By Praise Fowowe

Praise Fowowe

Sola had just clocked 3 years when she was sexually abused by her uncle living in their house. She made to report to her mother, but her inability to pronounce penis and the insensitivity of her mother ensured the abuse continued for 7 straight years.
According to her, “I ran to my mother to report how uncle inserted a ‘nail’ inside my ‘bumbum’ but she joined my other siblings to laugh at me. She stopped talking to them afterwards and the predator abused her for 7 years! She is now a mother of two but buzzed my line after seeing my basic sexuality education kit to confirm the fact that sexuality education is our way of checkmating the activities of sex predators. A couple of years ago, a leading child organization declared that children are going into extinction and loads of parents disagreed with them, but I asked:
·    When was the last time a child flew kites around you?
·    When was the last time you saw
the level of outdoor games you played way back? Some of the games you played were outdoor games which made it very easy to monitor you (even at that, some of us were still sexually molested). What would happen in this age and time where your children are exposed to games you have no control over?
A mother once narrated how she never thought anything was happening between her 6 year-old son and her 18 year-old houseboy until she caught his boy performing oral sex on this boy. She said she almost became a murderer that day. Another mother brought her son who was 2 years and 8 months 4 years ago and reported how the boy asked her to remove her pants for him to insert his ‘peepee’ inside her ‘weewee’. Of course, we later discovered that was what the nanny had been doing to the boy. One careless touch on a child can forever
mess up his sanity until there is an intervention.
What have you taught your child about sex?
From ages 18 months – 3, you teach what is called ‘My body, my friend’.  Because of a child’s low attention span at this age, we recommend the use of songs, stories and games to teach about the body here and the difference between private parts and public parts (you can get Superkidz or the complete sexual education kit). Private parts must be properly pronounced so that your child can accurately report whenever anyone tries to act funny. The strength of the predator is the ignorance of your child and the best way to deal with him is to empower your child against the predator.
May I appreciate those who already subscribed to our predator buster program for next year and those who downloaded some of our sexuality education materials yesterday.
The first song you teach your child is; My body is my friend, and it’s the house that I live. It has 2 different parts called private and public, I will do just everything to protect my body  cos I love my body and my body loves me.
Please, kindly note that there is what to teach about sex from January to December of every year across various age groups which I can’t fully cover here. But together we can save more kids by empowering them against the predator.
I honour you

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