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Mesha Fashion House debuts in Abuja


Nigeria born, International designer and enterpreneur Alisha Harris opens shop in Abuja on September 6th. Her Fashion brand , Mesha Fashion House will open for business at the FCT with a runway show and special sales offer to the public as part of activities to mark the day.
Based in the US for many years, Mesha Fashion House has been at the forefront of promoting unique African designs on the global stage for varied clients . Known for exceptional styles, high quality fabrics and original designs , Mesha has produced exclusive African designs for clients in Europe and North America for over 15 years. Driven by the desire to establish a strong presence on the home front, Alicia Harris set up an Industrial scale production facility in the FCT to meet the demands of her expanding brand in Africa. The production facility in Abuja is fully equipped to handle large scale on-demand productions by clients as well as production of made to spec requirements of individual clients. Mesha Fashion House offers a first of its kind industrial scale production in Africa for mass production of quality outfits suited to the specific needs of individual clients who are free to make specific requests or choose from a huge catalogue of trendy Mesha original designs. With the new production outfit , Mesha Fashion House is expected to compete favourably with some of the best global brands by making its products available in large parts of Africa. To realize this ambition of reaching every corner of the continent with her unique styles and designs for all occasions, Mesha Fashion House is working with several local and internationl agencies and groups to bring its products to the market. Some of these groups include, Nelo Grant Services, Brands’R US, WasHouse group and Trench communications amongst others. From September 6th, the brand will embark on a nationwide roll out plan that will include runways and events in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Awka and other major cities around the country. The brand already has partnership deals with several international movie production houses for exclusive costuming contracts on big budget productions involving celebrities and movie stars as brand ambassadors.

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